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Amazing life, Amazing woman, Maya Angelou

When I saw her in a Tyler Perry movie not too long ago, I thought: “Wow!  What grace!  What elegance!  There surely is nobody like Maya Angelou…”  I remember thinking back to the first time I had heard about her.  I was in high school and my English teacher had shared an excerpt from the […]

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Mountains: Combating worry

I was sipping a nice glass of wine on my porch, trying desperately to relax from some stressful times when, of course, thoughts came flocking to me as if I were a magnet for them despite my fierce attempts to keep them away. Life, what a fragile gift. In just a moment things can appear […]

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What makes me the perfect Niche Parent Conference Ambassador?

Hmmm….  What makes me the perfect Niche Parent Conference Ambassador, huh?  Well, you can see “Ambassador” all over this face, don’t you? (more…)

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