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From Mommy Blues to Super Mom (Nick Vujicic words of encouragement)

So I am a bit late in posting this week.  Technically, it’s already next week…  I apologize.  It has been an emotional whirlwind with the first week of school.  If I had decided to write with the mental state I was in, I am sure you would be sending some Prozac or boatloads of calming […]

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The Robin Williams Depression Effect – 6 Coping Strategies to help you through your rough times

Yes, we are all baffled by the loss of this mega-star…  I cannot even process this death though I knew him not.  We keep hearing about how he would make millions laugh, yet he was not laughing inside: depression had captured his heart and soul.  (more…)

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10 things you can do to keep your daily sanity

ecently I posted about being tired and it resonated with quite a few of us out there.  So, of course, being “tired of being tired” like some of us responded, I have been conducting a little experiment (more…)

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