Archive | April, 2015

Fueling Love – The Romance Dinner

It has been a little while since I have touched upon love and relationships.  So today I want to share an experience with you that is close to my heart.  Yes!  You guessed it: we just did another one of those Romance Dinners! (more…)

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3 tips to overcome the “funk monster”

Do you ever have a time where you are not feeling it?  A time when you are not able to mentally get yourself going?  I am sure that most of us have experienced times when we feel we could use some “laying in the bed without doing or thinking about ANYTHING” (sigh).  Yeah… That “funk” […]

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Saving the “Tatas” – Breast exam: from skeptic to true believer

About seventeen years ago, 8 months after the birth of my first child, I felt a lump in my right breast (Self Breast Exam).  I had no idea what that was about and my first thought was: “This is bad…” (more…)

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