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3 Pearls of Wisdom from Christmas

Happy Holidays to you all!  For me it’s Merry Christmas 🙂 It’s the day after Christmas, and as I reflect upon in this season, there are a few thoughts I am pondering that I would like to share with you.  But first, wanna take a little ride through the illuminated forest with me? (more…)

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Holidays Giveaway!

Can you believe we are already at this time of the year?  Lately it seems that everyone is surprised by how fast this year went.  Have you already been thinking about the menu for the family gathering and are your decorations up yet? (more…)

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A heart for the people – LeSage Foundation positively impacting lives in Haiti

Good morning all, Have you ever thought about making a difference for other people?  Have you ever been involved in a project that provided food, clothes, toys, or necessities for people either local or foreign?  It is a high barely anybody can come down from!  When you take part in making another person’s day, no […]

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