Archive | March, 2016

Just say NO!

Did the month of March just zoom by you as fast as it did me?  It is now a big blur…  Hehehe!  I have to confess that it is largely due to my being too busy and trying to tend to a whole slew of things while balancing family too.  Does the superheroine Wonder Woman […]

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What’s best for you

Do you know what today is???  It’s MeUnfinished’s 2nd anniversary!!!  A new milestone under our belt: THANK YOU for your amazing support!!!  We are ready to tackle the future and it looks quite interesting…   I will elaborate on it soon, but for now, I would like to share with you 3 lessons I have […]

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Woman, a tree phenomenon

It’s March and internationally, women are celebrated.  I was thinking about this whole “celebrate women” thing and lots of different ideas things crossed my mind.  As I got deeper into thoughts, it started to look to me like women were like… trees… Wanna know how, huh! (more…)

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