3 Things I learned at the Niche Parent Conference 2014

I am back! It has been a week since I came back from the conference, and I am still on a high. Oh the drunkenness, sweet feeling of being in a different world where only positivity reins! To hold on to that feeling is something from which most of us do not want to be cured.
When we communicated last week, I was gearing up for some long story with an overwhelming amount of details to share with you. I had jotted down about all I was learning and how each little piece was crucial to reveal to you. As I process it all, I realize there are mainly three things that made a major impression on me that would serve as perfect illustrators of my experience at the Niche Parent Conference 2014:DSC_0103
1) We were there to help each other:
A few weeks back, I shared with you my excitement for having been asked to come lead a Think Tank session about “starting” your journey as a blogger. This was a very high honor as it came from someone who had contributed to MeUnfinished’s birth. I was humbled. As Joyce Meyer says often: “I am not yet where I want to be, but I am sure glad I am not where I used to be!” For me, it was about giving back some from what I had learned.ThinkTankNP14
Most people I met at the conference were of the same mindset. The presenters were not only there to help, but they were there to learn. I saw people from different spectrums of the blogging world come together from barely starting to use computer features to sex therapy. Each had a story to tell that would help someone. Dreams were shared and encouraged. Selflessness and candid conversations were the names of the game. This was a not a “let me help you, honey, for a few tweets or Likes on Facebook.” People were finding ways to connect and collaborate.  The material presented was on point and relevant to what we were there to do: teach us to keep improving to be of excellent service to our community.  The presenters were of quality with proven track records who took pleasure in giving of themselves.
Which brings me to the second point.

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2) We were there to learn from each other – to connect:
I mentioned that the teachers were also learners, right? Presenters were also participating in other presentations to learn more. People started conversations with: “Hi! I was wondering about your story,” or “Hi! What are your dreams? What are you getting out of this conference?” I even witnessed the birth of a potential major talk show: if this woman takes her story to the mic, I think that some moguls of talk/radio/show should be worried… The encouragement, compassion, listening, and most of all learning, that came out of this conversation was priceless to me!
3) We were there to set each other’s goals and dreams on fire (in a positive way):
Yes indeed! People set each other on fire to live their dreams, show their colors, be themselves, showcase who they are, and be proud of it. The people who surrounded me were real. One person I look up to even remembered me from last year’s conference and still had my little paper with scribbles of my name and email! That touched me. She also had some very encouraging words to boot! This was quite different for me because society usually takes pleasure in dictating our behaviors, wants, needs, thoughts, and more in a different direction…
People started to feel their fire burning if it was just flickering. Full-on gas was poured over small flames and blazing fires were roaring by the time I left.
Now, of course we did not break out in full on Kumbaya everywhere I went the whole time I was there. But tell me where there are no flaws, and I will deduce it only means you have made it to the Creator.
People, this conference was a success in my eyes. I hope to keep in contact with the individuals I met for a long time to come. It was a wonderful experience that I wish would come back a bit more often than yearly (hint to the organizers!) Even being there without my loved ones had its positives (wink!)Food NP14
The lesson continues to be: don’t give up, follow the dreams that are put in your heart, and you will be afforded opportunities that will go beyond your own understanding. It is not a “quick fix” kinda deal, y’all. If I may quote the great Queen Latifah: “There is no such thing as an overnight success, but there is such a thing as a success story, and that story begins with a passion to win.”
You add Faith to those words and ……..

I am Presenting!

I am Presenting!

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  1. This was such a great experience for my first conference. I learned so much and made several new friends.

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