3 tips to overcome the “funk monster”

Post 4-20-15Do you ever have a time where you are not feeling it?  A time when you are not able to mentally get yourself going?  I am sure that most of us have experienced times when we feel we could use some “laying in the bed without doing or thinking about ANYTHING” (sigh).  Yeah… That “funk” time…

It almost feels paralyzing…  The other day I talked to you about my vision board and how it inspires me, right?  Well, suddenly I was attacked by the “funk monster” and found myself struggling to even look at it.  As I write this today, I want to bring you a few tips on how to get out of that mood because it just throws a monkey wrench into plans.  Or does it?

This brings me to Tip #1: Acknowledge your body has something to say:

Indeed, when we are on the go-mode, we do not realize that it causes some wear and tear to our minds and body.  So they tell us in certain ways that they are tired and need to rest.  This often manifests itself in a cold that comes out of nowhere, in muscle pains that make you ache all over (or in certain specific areas), in feelings of being tired or irritated, and so many more.  LOL!  I am an absolute bear when funk sets in: I am forced to just chill and introspect.

Tip #2: Take things in stride:

We just talked about the pesky ways our bodies talk to us when we are pushing ourselves too hard.  Well, if we pace ourselves, there is a strong possibility that we do not get too much of those issues.  Take the “temperature” of how you are doing from time to time and look for ways not to overwhelm yourself (check how to do that here).  It’s almost like we are trying to bring all the laundry baskets downstairs at one time just so we do not have to go back up those stairs several times; but is it worth it if we overdo it, trip down those stairs and break a bone?

Tip #3: Assess your To-Do’s:

What I mean by that, is that sometimes we take on a few large projects at once.  Forget falling down the stairs!   Take time to assess the magnitude of tasks: how much things will take out of you.  That way, you can couple them appropriately.  You can put gas in your car as you are on your way to the grocery store.  You can start the laundry and then go spend some time with the kids on homework.

This is a start to taking on funk.  Believe me, I needed this post myself!  (I should make this Tip #4: Decompress!)  I look for ways to channel my frustrations and recenter myself.  Writing is my thing, what is yours?

Always keeping the Faith,


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2 Responses to “3 tips to overcome the “funk monster””

  1. Great tips.. I often start with few large project at the same time and then just feel overwhelmed!

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