3 truths every successful woman lives by

3 truths 6-4-17Do you think sometimes you are in the dark and cannot see any way out?  Well, I went to this women get-together yesterday and it was a confirmation of what I had been mauling for the last few months: a successful woman is powerful.  

As each person shared about her experience in life and where she was either going or coming from, there was this light emanating from her.  Those women had a plan and they were determined to overcome it.  Period.

Some of them were formulating their next moves, others were encouraging them, while some others were providing tools to make the process easier.  There is no doubt, we were all here for a reason; we were all here to fuel one another.

Three themes were salient about being a successful woman:

  1. Open your eyes.  When you are whirling in the dark and have no idea why you cannot move forward or see nothing but the abyss, that’s because your eyes are closed.  Once you open them, it’s amazing how many possibilities are in front of you!
  2. This is NOT a race.  NOBODY is like you and you have a unique skill you were made to use to be part of the grand scheme of things.  Nobody is in the running with you, so hurry up and plug in because you are wasting time trying to be like someone else who is trying to get their own game on and does not even realize you are watching!  3 truths 1 6-4-17
  3. There is support out there.  Do you really think that there is only YOU out there alone trying to hustle?  So many of us have been down your road, and so many of us want to share with you and be your support.  This is the whole point of MeUnfinished!  To share about a path already traveled so you can learn and get insight to live your own journey!  People will come out of the woodwork to be your support.  The magic key?  ASK them and they will help to the measure of their abilities!

A successful woman wants to help others excel.  Think about those points and let me know what you think.  Do you agree?  Do you need support?  What would you ask for if you had the chance?  What type of help do you need to get you over the hump?  Is there a time when you would like to have someone to understand around, and what would you say to them?  When do you need help?

The moral of this one is that positive is out there if you decide to seek it.  You WILL get out of your rut and CAN take control.  What will your next step be?


Faith always


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