4 Easy Steps from Self-Doubt To Roaring Confidence

IMG_8104What a month July has been!  I cannot believe how quickly this summer is going and we are already at the doors of the new school year…  During this summer, something strange showed up into my life and I want to share my battle tools with you to vanquish it.  It’s self-doubt.  My self-confidence took a hit…

Anyone else has those moments where they feel they are unsure of literally every single decision they are making?  Argh!  What a drag!  

It seems like every time there is a chance for me to decide on something, (yes, even which side should I smear the peanut butter to make a pb&j sandwich!) I would freeze and I have to think about the myriad ways to deal with it.  Can I get an AMEN?!

So I started thinking about it a bit to dig deeper because this was impacting all aspects of my life.  I needed to get practical tools to vanquish “the feeling” and start doing something about it regardless of its difficulty.

Can you imagine physically tearing yourself out of a space to get off your bottom and kill the self-doubt monster, armor on and all?  That thing can envelop you and stick to you like some sort of double skin!

There is HELP!  So I dragged my wounded, self-pitying butt to the nearest “confidence-building shop” and here is what I picked up and practiced: (ps: click on the links for great resources!)IMG_7780

  • Read a book!  I am a books-on-tape/mp3-downloading type of person (but sometimes I need a  paperback).  So I grabbed a couple of those uplifting books! I found that they pep-talk my deflated self into getting filled with confidence and a better sense of worth.   The two I really enjoyed were 28,000 Days Make Yours Count by Kara Vaval-Ferrier and The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. You will LOVE them and will get your engines so fired up!  PLUS, when you sign up for the MeUnfinished.com newsletter, I will let you know how you can get a 20% discount on 28,000 Days for a limited time (click here to access the site)!
  • Use affirmations.  I am one of those skeptical ones who said that this crazy method would never work.  To me, it seemed pointless and I would even subconsciously sabotage my success by forgetting to say them.  But once I included saying my affirmations in my daily morning routine, they became a powerful set of arms I use to crush self-doubt.  If during the day the nasty thoughts start creeping in again (and they will!!!), I pull out my affirmations and focus on one that will activate my brain power to redirect my thoughts.  I have a set right here to get you started.  Click on the link, print and try it!  Can’t wait to hear about how your results! Let your confidence soar!
  • Pray.  This is a powerful form of sharpening the mind.  Once I get into my prayer mode, I tap into the truths about myself: I am perfectly made and I matter.  I have talents that nobody else has and I have a purpose.  When self-doubt tries to invade my head, I know to recognize it and start my prayers right away.  Here is a page I found to be helpful when the tormenting self-doubt starts.  This goes hand in hand with the affirmations we just spoke about.  Everything in the affirmations is the truth about you; so the prayers, well, affirm your affirmations (LOL!  Get it?) and boost your confidence.
  • Move!  Believe me, there is some serious magical power in a walk/run/dance/etc.  Now, I don’t know your physical condition; but whatever you are able to do to get your blood flowing and your juices pumping, DO IT!  Scientifically speaking,  when you exercise (no matter how low the pace), you release all kinds of feel-good hormones that go and attack the not-feeling-so-good trying to take your mind and body down.  Wanna hear about another “side-effect” of exercising besides boosting your confidence?  You start losing unwanted weight, get your health in check, and ON TOP OF IT your appearance benefits!

Ok, so you are now on your way!  Although I can understand that getting started is difficult in itself, I know you can take little steps at a time to begin the journey of gaining self-confidence.  Here’s one more little nugget to help with your first step. Buh-Bye self-doubt, Hello Confidence!

Let me know how it goes!  

Keep the Faith alive,


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