A heart for the people – LeSage Foundation positively impacting lives in Haiti

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Have you ever thought about making a difference for other people?  Have you ever been involved in a project that provided food, clothes, toys, or necessities for people either local or foreign?  It is a high barely anybody can come down from!  When you take part in making another person’s day, no matter how small the deed, it also makes your day!

Lesage Foundation 2

Children receiving toys from the LeSage Foundation

Recently, I had the pleasure to be part of something very special and I wanted to share it with you.  I had been to this amazing fundraising gala for a cause like none I had ever considered before.  This organization, the LeSage Foundation, had big plans and it was enlisting people who really wanted to make a difference.  There was no slacking, no “maybe”, no “later”; but there is urgency and lots of work to be done.  My husband and I wanted to be part of that and we were eager to participate.  I had to meet the people responsible for such great work!

Lesage Foundation 3

The water purification project

So here, today, I bring to you today something very special.  Teaming up with Wanda Tima from LunionSuite, we were honored and humbled to take part in spreading the news about this amazing organization making a big difference in Haiti – My country of origin.  Take the time to read this interview as it reveals some KEY ELEMENTS of success with a hefty dose of compassion and appetite for excellence.

I am very proud of this organization and bring to you an interview I had with the president of the LeSage Foundation, Mr. Hebreu Dessalines.

So, quick!  Click on this link and gobble up this powerful interview I had with Mr. Dessalines.  With this special season approaching, we could learn quite a bit from this highly inspirational group of people.  They stay humble and spread happiness around them as much as they can.  Haiti is lucky to have such a team behind it!

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