To age, or not to age… A perspective on aging.

Recently I turned to the “almighty guru of all things to be bought”, the Internet, to find a cream/lotion to firm up my skin.  There was, to my surprise and demise, a sea of information about the subject and each entry would come with a plethora of products recommended.  The more I clicked, the more products there were, the more information there was to read about.

I have to let you into a little secret: I do not like to shop much so you imagine my frustration!  Trying to extract any valuable information about the users, I somehow got lost in the different comments people would make about the $38,000 cream vs. the one costing $7.95 and how they had the same ingredients “except that this ONE came from a little river discovered just last week when this explorer extraordinaire visited a secret tribe in the mountains of Woombootoo in Central Africa….”  LOL!  I am telling you: it is fierce!!!To age or not to age 9-22-14

One comment caught my attention, though.  This was from a young man in his thirties, as he describes himself, who had simply reported in two sentences that it was absurd for women to be so anxious to look younger when the process of an aging woman is such a miracle, a grace, a gift, sensual, intense, and even desirable.  Woohoo!!!  I was done shopping instantly!  I could not fall asleep that night as I reflected on my own aging.  Yes, we are all getting older.  We don’t have a choice.  So why not do it with grace?

You see, while I have no objections concerning using products to maintain a healthy body, I do tend to agree with “Mr. Perfect Enlightened Commenter”.  He sees BEAUTY in us women as we age.  My interpretation is that we are like the most beautiful rose that can better be appreciated when it blooms, not as a bud.

Surely we fade and become wrinkled and rough.  But have you contemplated the rose especially preserved as she symbolizes intense joy, history, depth, memories, experiences, and more?  Have you ever thought about what surrounded that rose at the time she was given or even purchased?  Do you use her as your personal time machine each time you see her?  Do you cherish her, knowing she is safe, cared for, protected in a special spot in your heart and your home?

Aging makes us women special.  We are to embrace it and use the process to perfect the art of sensuality, savoir-faire in navigating life, self-confidence, accomplishment, and most of all love of self and others.  If we spend so much time and energy trying to relive the years of inexperience and of experiments, we miss so many opportunities to grow, sharpen, and perfect ourselves.

The women who learn the art and appreciate the blessings of aging end up being the ones who don’t appear to be aging!  Cruel punishment and awakening, if you ask me…

This lack of confidence in our experience could be the source of our unattractiveness, our self-loathing, our hesitation to take charge of our destiny…  A confidently aging woman can bring any man to his knees, and accomplish dreams beyond dreams as she mentors others around her!

Are you on this road yet? I would rather study the craft of aging gracefully, confidently, insightful, happily; and read more about the ingredients comprising the women who embrace that journey.  Is the Internet equipped with that information?  Or is this something our Creator has already programmed into us?  Hmmmm….  Maybe “aging” has a new, positive, and exciting side too…  and here’s the kicker, we are not the only ones aging….  Hah!

Takes great Faith!

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16 Responses to “To age, or not to age… A perspective on aging.”

  1. Very refreshing perspective. Thank you.

  2. Age is a very strange thing, but it’s always been an exciting thing to me. Not birthdays, mind you, but looking back and realizing that my entire mindset and lifestyle has changed dramatically as I’ve aged.

  3. Great post. Such a good reminder of the circle of life.

  4. I agree there’s nothing sexier then a woman Who is comfortable with her self

  5. I choose not to age at all! Well, as least as far as maturity goes! 😉

  6. I hope I am able to deal with age gracefully as I get older.

  7. That was an enjoyable read! Thanks for putting a skip in my step and a smile on my face as I go about aging gracefully!

  8. Aging doesn’t bother me. I like to consider myself more experienced. When I look at my husband even though he’s now 50 I see him as I did when we were kids.

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