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My team!

My team!

Hello everyone!  Wishing you a happy new week!  This month is mostly about celebrating women, however there are some things I also want to bring to light that are happening in our environment.  I am talking about severe poverty…  Surely you have heard about how in different countries there are high levels of poverty and that there are organizations trying to address them.

makeameal5I wanted to share with you some of the things going on around me.  What’s the cliché again: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right?  In honor of that, here are some of what my church has been doing to be part of the battle against poverty not only abroad, but RIGHT HERE in the USA.

So many people showed up to help!

So many people showed up to help!

You see, it is not all to just set sail to another place and play hero to others outside our walls, it is most important to clean up our own house before helping elsewhere.  They understand that it is a global affair and have taken the role of leadership in our region to tackle this gargantuan world issue.

Our Pastor Dave (R) working hard with Bob

Our Pastor Dave (R) working hard with Bob

I am glad I am part of it.  Every little bit helps.  So many lives are transformed and enhanced because some people step into “the gap” for them.  BY NO MEANS does this say that people who do contribute their time and/or treasure are above the others served.  IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM do they see themselves as superior, they instead consider themselves blessed to be part of such effort.  This is simply a call to contribute WHAT YOU CAN to help others around you in whatever capacity you can.

All ages welcomed to help!

People from all walks of life are involved!

For me and my family, Christ Fellowship is where it happens.  The volunteers helped pack over 280k meals this past weekend.  I am not sure where you will choose to make a difference, but the message here is to GET INVOLVED.  Be part of a movement that can use YOUR talents because you have them to share.  It makes such a difference in both the lives you are involved in helping as well as your own!

makeameal6Since MeUnfinished’s mission is to improve lives as we are all a work in progress, why not take some others along with us?  It is so much sweeter to travel the journey of life with others!


No matter your age or ability, you can be part of making a positive difference in lives around you!

Have Faith in your gifts, as the returns are monumental!  Are you ready to GET INVOLVED?  Where will YOU plug in?  I would love for you to share with me, so drop me a comment please 🙂


(This is not an advertisement for my church or for any program.  I was moved by their passion to help feed the people of Haiti and Africa and took part in it.)


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