Are you keeping Sexy and Romance alive?

typorama-4Yeah, I know, Valentine’s day is already over and almost forgotten. BUT, does that mean that all the sexiness or romance is gone?  Does that mean that the dates and the extra little somethings you do to make him/her feel special have passed too?  Is Romance seasonal or….?

You might be wondering “why now?” or “what!?!?!” but as a tireless romantic, I am always looking for ways to bring in the big “R” into everyday life.  Yes, Romance.  It takes a lot to keep a relationship going as it is, so if you add Romance as a preferred ingredient, you will surely get things running smoother.  

A healthy dose of romance in life is actually a gift.  We have to make it happen on purpose.  This is not something that can take a life on its own.  You have to create it and make it happen.

So, let’s work on our sexy here, people.  I know I am always looking for good ideas to, well, keep sexy alive.  LOL!  Here are some of the ones I really like and have tried that also worked to build my confidence in the romance department (wink!)

  1. Use the element of sweet surprise: even for someone who does not quite like surprises, I am sure you can cook (or pick up) their favorite meal!  It doesn’t have to be something super big or extraordinary.  You can surprise your loved one with something as simple as a nice card where you let him/her know you took the time to think about them.
  2. Spontaneous!  Yes, indeed, that works well too.  Don’t think about it too much, but a quick date before picking up the kids from school, lunchtime – or not so much lunchtime – together at home, get out of the house on a weeknight and go for a stroll hand in hand, those are just a few simple things we can do to ignite the romance.  Go simple on those.
  3. Do something your partner would usually do: I know the cook of the house would not mind a night off, or the one who has the oil changed in the cars would be happy it was already done.  You get my drift, right?Red Rose
  4. Leave each other notes.  I know, I know, it sounds so corny…  BUT!  I will tell you that some notes can light your partner on fire depending on what is said in it (hehehe!)  You could even text each other during the day and have the same effect.  Listen, sometimes, just constant communication throughout the day can bring you closer to each other; imagine what a little sexy word woven into the message can do!
  5. Take the time to compliment your partner.  No! I am not talking about the regular: “You look good!” thing…  I am talking about acknowledging one of his/her skills and bring it to light.  This shows that you are paying attention to your partner’s strengths.  Adding a few sweet/sexy words to this makes it authentic and deep (even if it’s “the way you read a story to your kids”).  Being validated and acknowledged is a big plus in anybody’s book!
  6. One of the biggest ones, highly recommended in various psychological studies, is to spend time with one another.  Take time to spend time.  It really doesn’t matter what you do, but in today’s busy world, spending time together is a big deal.  

This is only for starters, friends!  I am sure you can come up with plenty of things to do to be good to each other!  The idea is for everyone to look for ways to keep sexy and romance alive in our relationships.  Too many times we just let life happen to us when we should make life happen ourselves.  We forget, live day in and day out, and that department gets a little abandoned…

So, what are you going to do to keep the fire burning HOT (or maybe to get the fire restarted and roaring!! wink!)  I am not the only one who wants to hear from you in the comments below, so share with others on your social media platforms (FB, IG, TW, etc.) to join in the fun!  

Faith is burning hot here,


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