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Welcome!  I am Martine, the creator of “Me, Unfinished…” and you’ve just embarked on your Self Love journey!

Whether I’m sharing life experiences, fashion ideas, or everyday tips, my goal and passion is to Empower, Guide, and Inspire women to learn about and practice Self Love.

The idea is to improve women’s lives and lead them into positively transforming themselves and their communities!

What got all that started???

You see, my Self-Love adventure started out of a traumatic event. An awakening… With God’s unwavering help and a group of amazing people and resources put on my path, I fell head over heels with understanding and practicing Self Love. It radically and positively changed my life!

Self Love is the foundation upon which we are able to build amazing life structures and make tremendous progress.  I found that I cannot give from what I do not have…11058216_950017598342359_307630960727275276_n

And then came the thought… “Imagine what this could do in our communities if we all (the Super Women of this world) practiced it!”

So, here I am! Courageously putting myself out there with all intentions to take YOU with me on this amazing continuum!

Yes, I still battle with insecurities and anxiety.  Yes, gloomy days still knock at my door at times.  I am still quite human 🙂 But you will find on this site the tools I use to focus on what is most important in life.

I am a wife, a mother of 3, and have over 20 years of experience working in Mental Health, Early Intervention for children, and developing curriculums/presenting on Cultural Competency.

Today you find a family oriented, culturally aware, positive thinker, resource-finder, Christian, Caribbean woman who celebrates uniqueness.  I challenge you to Self Love and to transform yourself and your environment!

Always in Faith,

Welcome to the AMAZING Self Love journey!


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