Balance: tips for everyday mental health fixes

Mental Health Day 5-25-17What does the month of May remind you of?  Mother’s Day, flowers, summer approaching?  How about Mental Health?  You might not know it, but mental balance is also recognized in the year.  

Everyone is looking for ways to make things less stressful in their lives.  Although Balance is somewhat viewed as a myth, I do believe that there is a level of it achievable.  Here are a few simple tips that work well for me since anxiety rears its ugly head every so often in my world:

  1. Take a deep breath: the 4,7,8 method works well!  You inhale (count until 4), you hold the breath (count until 7), you release the breath gradually (count until 8).  Do this 4 times and it will help get you refocused, your blood pressure will also go down, and you will be able to tackle the issue bothering you with calmer.
  2. Take a walk: It is well proven that walking for 15 minutes while concentrating on your breathing or listening to music, will relax your mind and body.
  3. Stretch: There are several videos on apps and youtube that can help you stretch in less than 10 minutes.  Here are some right here.  Enjoy!
  4. Call a friend: Sometimes we just want to vent!  So call a friend who will listen and will help you sort some of those pent-up feelings out.  Therapists do a great job too!
  5. Write it all down: That, my friends is the best balance-achiever of all times for me!  Writing in a journal or simply a plain piece of paper, the stressful feelings tend to just slide right off your arm and through your fingers…  After it hits the paper, there is a sense of peace that goes beyond understanding.

I hope this helps you navigate through some tough times.  The key to finding some balance is to recognize when you are starting to tip over.  When you catch yourself tensing up, start practicing those tips above to help you deal with what is coming.

Sending Love and Light your way


Happy Mental Health Day on May 25th, 2017!

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