Beware of those people

IMG_7741This past week was very difficult for me.  I am going through some changes, and although I knew they were coming, I did not foresee them to be that rapid.  Here’s what I mean: I was bargaining with The Big Guy to let me stay in my smooth little comfort zone for just a little while longer, but He had something else in mind.  It was time to make the move He has been preparing me for.

So came the move.  I jumped into the unknown as I am preparing the relaunch of and taking it up a notch! (details to follow)  Of course, there is a lot of “stretching” needed and quite a bit of risk; but it needs to be done.

When changes come into our lives, we have to try to keep our environment clean of anything negative in order for us to thrive.  I recommend taking inventory of who is in your cadre and decide who should remain there.

As I am working through this season of my life, there are three types of people I have found to be a bit difficult to deal with.

The people who are not in your corner

Opposition is something very difficult to deal with.  Some quite boldly attack you and do their best to tear you apart.  They attack you personally, they look relentlessly for your flaws (and we all do have those) and once they find them, they use all their weight to pull you to the ground.  It is amazing how they will not stop at anything to make sure you appear vanquished.  I say “appear” because once you fall, they prematurely assume you are out of the race.  Oh! No siree!  You might fall from under their tirade, but you will not stay down.  Those are weak individuals who are easily satisfied with their shortsightedness.  Their very limited mind, do not conceive that your power cannot be taken away.  Those are the ones who never see Karma coming…

The people who despise that you have a corner in the first place.

They cannot fathom that you might be important or worthy enough to even have a corner.  They cannot understand that there are people who love and care about you.  There is a clear disconnect with the reality that you matter and that you have a message.  Those are the ones who look for ways to shrink you.  That is a dangerous one too because it shakes your confidence and awakens self-doubt.  You can be shaken to the core by the way they belittle you.  Remember, you are more than that and you alone can allow another person that privilege.  So when you feel this character creeping in, stop it right in its tracks because you CAN.  Only YOU can and shred their lies to pieces.  Click Here if you need a push 🙂

The people who pretend to be in your cornerFullSizeRender 2

That is the worst one.  The one you thought was in your corner all along.  The one you thought you could trust.  That is not necessarily the friend, but the one who appeared to support you all along.  You find out soon enough that this is the person who would undermine you later on to protect their own interest.  That is a dangerous character as the attack is stealth and almost undetectable.  Beware and keep your eyes open because the traps are lying right along the way when it comes to those amazing characters.

I say beware of those individuals, but that is not to say that I have lost all faith in mankind.  I think it is important to know who is close to you and be very selective in who you allow in your world.  For those three types of people, if they are in your life and want to take control of your blessings, I recommend showing kindness and mercy.  Make sure you stay very vigilant in protecting your well being and keep your integrity intact.  Beware of stooping down to the same level, that is a losing number for sure.  So, got it?  Good!  Now let’s face the changes we started talking about full on!  With me?


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