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Are you keeping Sexy and Romance alive?

Yeah, I know, Valentine’s day is already over and almost forgotten. BUT, does that mean that all the sexiness or romance is gone?  Does that mean that the dates and the extra little somethings you do to make him/her feel special have passed too?  Is Romance seasonal or….? (more…)

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Fueling Love – The Romance Dinner

It has been a little while since I have touched upon love and relationships.  So today I want to share an experience with you that is close to my heart.  Yes!  You guessed it: we just did another one of those Romance Dinners! (more…)

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So you got MAD… What do you do next? (and exciting announcement!)

Wow!  I had something totally different to talk to you about today, but … Well, have you ever gotten very mad and you did not know what to do with yourself, and got a bit “over-angry”?  You know…  That moment when you realize that you were not able to process your feelings in a more […]

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The Power of Positivity

Ok, so as we take a bigger bite into 2015, let’s agree to make one commitment that can change the whole year altogether: positive thinking! Yes, my friends, the Power of Positivity is infinite and has even been of high interest to the scientific community. The way you manage your thinking is a tremendous part […]

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Celebrating your love

AS soon as the Christmas holiday is over, before you can even take down your tree, the shelves of every store are decked out with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia.  It is insane how quickly people are conditioned to get ready for V-day, frantically looking for ways to express their feelings and love to those dear to […]

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spouse in funk

When your spouse is in a funk…

What happens when you are not on the same wavelength as your spouse when he/she is going through a difficult time?  A funk.  How frustrating for you both!  On one hand, you are trying to help the person you love get through that rough patch, and on the other it becomes frustrating when you feel […]

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New to you! Intro Post

And so it finally starts…  I heard a great leader, John Maxwell, say once that it is not all to take the first step, but to continue traveling taking a series of first steps (as I paraphrase).  This is a way to ensure that the first step is not just that, a first step…  So, here I am.  (more…)

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