Celebrating your love

Celebrate your loveAS soon as the Christmas holiday is over, before you can even take down your tree, the shelves of every store are decked out with Valentine’s Day paraphernalia.  It is insane how quickly people are conditioned to get ready for V-day, frantically looking for ways to express their feelings and love to those dear to them.  Flowers, chocolate, date night, wine, dinner, cards, engagement rings, all things that come to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day.  But do we stop and think about the true significance of it all?  Now that this special holiday just passed, have you thought about ways you communicate your love effectively throughout the year?

I have vivid memories of my daddy bringing me one rose on Valentine’s Day along with the large bouquet for my mother.  It was his duty.  He wanted me to feel special because he was taught that this was one of the ways he could do that.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, my daddy always made sure I knew I was special to him!  But throughout the years, I have been pondering on the meaning of this day and how to celebrate it.  Some do not celebrate it at all, citing sometimes that they do not see the difference between that one day and the rest of the year.  I have been on both sides of it all and have to recognize that both schools of thought are neither right nor wrong.  Allow me to explain how I see it below with three scenarios, maybe this will be great food for thought. 

1. The One-Day thing                                                                     

All year long, we work, take care of the family, tend to our health, and the list does not end.  We spend time running from one end to the other and, through it all we hope we are making a difference in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  We try to better our community and we give of ourselves.  Every now and then while doing life, we stop and look at each other to recognize why we got married: we enjoy being together.  We share special moments and go back to living the busy life. 

When Valentine’s Day comes around, it is an opportunity to bring everything to a screeching halt as if the car of life that you are driving is about to crash right into a brick wall.  Do you see that wall?  Yeah, it’s the wall of “It is time for you to recognize that you have each other, and that it all started with you falling in love with one another.”  If the wall had a color, it would be red, flaming red.  If it had a smell, it would be your favorite fragrance.  If it had a taste, it would be sumptuous and smooth with flavors enticing your pallet for more.  If you could hear it, it would have the sound of your favorite tune.  Do you feel all that?  Can you imagine standing in front of this wall?  THAT is the wall I am talking about.  On that day, you slow down to take the time to express feelings about each other in a more intimate way.  This is a time you plan for carefully in order for both of you to see each other as if you are celebrating your anniversary.  It is a bonus anniversary day in the year.  If this is your One-Day thing, make it count and be sure you both agree that this is your way of celebrating your love. 

2. Another scenario: The Year-Long thing

Same as above, you are busy.  Life goes at a million miles an hour.  But imagine this: you plan to spend time with your spouse more than just a few times a year.  The idea that any day can be Valentine’s Day!  You bring her roses on a Wednesday night.  You cook him his favorite meal on Monday night.  You watch the late night basketball or football game together on Sunday or you decide to go out to a special brunch on a Saturday morning without the kids.  Maybe you have something a bit more special.  Maybe you take pleasure in working on your monthly budget, then savor a glass of wine together and take a toast as you anticipate the upcoming getaway you’ve managed to save for all year.  For those folks Valentine’s Day is a yearlong event. 

There is even the third option of combining both (those people are seriously lucky and need to not only recognize it, but be seriously grateful for it!)  The point of the matter is that we have to communicate with our spouse about how we want to celebrate our love. Communication is always the key. If you do not currently communicate your preference when it comes to celebrating your love for each other, start doing it today.

Whether it’s deciding to concentrate our efforts on one event like a marathon, or would like to run the distance by going on a series of dashes, there is no wrong way to celebrate love when we are in agreement.    Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it is important that you constantly celebrate your love for one another to keep the fire burning.  Everything about this can be red hot sexy and fully charged!  Is it Valentine’s Day for you after February 14th yet?  Wink, wink!

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3 Responses to “Celebrating your love”

  1. A great read Martine. Well said! Love the imagery of that red wall and the analogy of the bonus anniversary! Doree is a lucky man!

  2. You are right, we should always show each other love, not just on Vday. But it is nice to have this day to proclaim our love loud and proud.

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