Confession time – First Steps

I have a confession to make…  

I am absolutely terrified of taking first steps!  Surprised?  Depending on the “step” I am supposed to take, it can get to the point where I feel uncomfortable physically!  

IMG_7780I have identified 3 major things that get in the way of taking our first steps and I want to share them with you in order for you to be on the lookout for them and get the moving!  Be careful of those traps!

1- The Doubt Master:

There is nothing more bothersome than the little voice in your mind that asks all kinds of questions not geared toward helping you get on your way, but to question YOU and your dreams.  I am talking about the “Do you really think you can do this?” or the “Are you equipped enough to handle this?” type of questions.  Those are meant to make you doubt yourself and depending on your past life experiences, they can downright paralyze you…  So when you start questioning yourself and your abilities, be sure to stay alert to it.

2- Fear I come!

You have guessed it, Fear tries to take over and comes charging when we are about to take the first step.  It’s like something is literally tying you up and paralyzing us!  That is one of the most difficult things to vanquish and it takes a bit of time to train our brain to get over it.  Most of us struggle with it and it can be quite paralyzing when it attacks.  Watch for Fear as it blindly runs down your life’s alleys to paint your emotional town red.  It will surely do its best to stop you from doing anything about it.

3- Negative Nuisance:

Oh, it would not be a complete post if I did not mention the parasites invading your universe called: negative people.  Wanna see if you have them in your life? Just click here to see if anybody looks a bit familiar to you…  Goodness, there are many of them!  It doesn’t matter what you do, there is someone ready to tell you how either they can do it better than you or that you are not doing it right.  They are ready to tear you down along with all your hopes and dreams.  To boot, they are also the first ones to tell you about your inadequacy for realizing your dreams.  The worst part is that some of them are people whom you love and who love you!  Some of them do not mean you any harm because this is their way of loving on you…  It is CRAZY!  

IMG_7741Can I get an AMEN if any of those sound familiar to you???  Tune in next time so I can share some tips on how to get rid of those issues!  I know you will not want to miss it because there will be some gold nuggets in there for you addressing each one!

Until then, NEVER lose Faith and stay focused!


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