Copycat Panera Fontina Cheese Sandwich

What happens when we are hungry for a knockout ooey, gooey sandwich?  Do we go to the nearest sandwich shop?  Not necessarily…   Even the little one craves the deliciousness of the gooey cheese and the crispy bread crust…  Yes, the feeling is unanimous, we love cheese.  A lot.  My family fell in love with the Fontina Cheese Sandwich, and until lately, there was a party to no end when we decided to go to Panera for a meal.  So the other day, while we were at the store, the kids noticed the Fontina cheese block and flipped.  They were very animate about buying it and the idea was created: Why not make that great sandwich at home: this would be cheaper for me on the long run and the children would be able to reproduce it easily.

2014-03-18 18.46.11I bought the cheese, got an unsliced loaf of fresh Italian bread, got a container of soft cheese (this time I used Boursain – with herbs) and I was on my way!

Here is how we did this MeUnfinished-style:

  • Sliced the bread thick
  • Smeared in the Boursin on both sides
  • Cut pieces of the Fontina cheese and lined one of the bread slices
  • Close the sides together and put in my mini grill (or you can use a panini maker)

(We also tried it on the stove with lightly buttering the outside of the sandwich and placing in a pan over medium heat and turning after a minute or two – golden brown)

While waiting for the grill to do its magic, I had some fruit at the house that I cut to decorated the plate with and to entice the kids to have a healthy side/dessert since the sandwich was already a splurge.

All that was left was to place my warm sandwich on my plate and poured some nice Strawberry Lemonade I had gotten from Whole Foods (my kids are allergic to some of the preservatives and coloring in food).

4-29-14 Mock Fontina

Voila!  They were waiting at bated breath because the smell of it all was just enchanting.  They wolfed it down like they had been waiting for food for days…  That warmed my heart.  It felt good to create this for the kiddos.  They repeatedly said how impressed they were and the older ones quickly reproduced the recipe throughout the week after school for a snack on a smaller scale.  The kids inspired me by giving me the idea and it took a little bit of a leap to execute it.

The kids had Faith in their Mommy to make this happen…  That felt very special to me.  I hope you enjoy this recipe too and most importantly share with many!

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