First Steps are a #$!%^

IMG_7543Well!  This summer is galloping along quite fast, isn’t it?  I am not sure where time is going, but it is going so fast, I am barely able to catch my breath!  So much going on, so little time, but still there is something that lingers on my mind…

As I published my first ebook, I am amazed at what taking the first step accomplished.  It is cliche altogether: when you take the first step towards your dream, the momentum builds and blessings abound.

The point I would like to make to you today is simple.  It takes the FIRST STEP to get started on your journey.  There is nothing complicated or difficult to understand.  Doing it is the issue and some of us have major hold-ups when it comes to starting.  

It was as if people were waiting for me to publish this thing!  I had to do take the first step and it was to write my first word.  

Wanna know what happened after that ONE word?  The ebook appeared! (if you are signed up for the newsletter, you got it last week.  If you are not signed up, what are you waiting for!?)

I know a thing or two about procrastination and being afraid to start.  Some of my own people even lost faith in me because I “froze” and could not make things happen.  They did not understand that there are reasons why we get paralyzed, there are reasons why we have difficulty starting.  Are you someone struggling with taking the first step?

This July, I am committing to unpack the whole concept of “First Steps” but it starts with encouragement and faith.  

You see, you are worth starting this journey where you share your gifts with the world.  What you might not know is that you are in a lane all by yourself.  Nobody is like you, nobody is your competition, nobody compares to you.  

You are here for a reason and you have to do your thing because You are NEEDED!  Taking the first step is one of the most important things to do.  Ok, you can start by clicking here to see what I mean.  This can get your juices flowing 🙂

So!  Since we just agreed that you have skills like nobody in the whole world, we will work on getting to the first step together and talk about things that can help and hinder us.

I look forward to sharing my own stories with you as there is a whole host of issues I had to face before taking first steps in my day.  Starting this blog is actually one of them!

Remember to keep in the back of your mind that at the base of it all NEVER GIVE UP! Do Not Quit!  

What challenges do you face when taking the first step?  Please SHARE how you overcome them!



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18 Responses to “First Steps are a #$!%^”

  1. I can relate to everything you’ve said. When I find myself procrastinating instead of working on the project at hand, I know it’s time to give myself a kick in the pants. I remind myself I wouldn’t have taken it on if it wasn’t something I wanted to do, and envision myself having finished it. x

    • Awesome tip! Envisioning ourselves finishing the task or getting to where we want to go is surely one of the ways we can motivate ourselves to move forward. It is, in fact, one of the things I will be touching upon in the upcoming posts this month. Thank you Ali!

  2. I so agree, you must never give up. Sometimes I find it hard but I try to stay positive , but I too do a lot of procrastinating on assignments. But once I realize it’s doing me no good, I dust myself off and get to moving forward with lots of prayer and faith! Your First Step could be the power you need to an long lasting positive journey. Congrats on your book!

    • Thank you Lisa! You are right on target! Dusting ourselves off is the first step of first steps (hahaha). For me too, Prayers and my Faith are the ones to help me get off the floor to help me move forward 🙂

  3. I have a long unfinished to-do list of projects that I need to take the first step on. My largest hindrance right now is time. With four small kids at home, it is difficult to find the time to do everything that I would like to do. It will come one of these days!

    • Melanie, this is not easy especially when we have children. But making small steps one at a time will get us where we need to be. It doesn’t matter how slow we get there, as long as we are moving forward. Hang in there and keep the faith!

  4. I so agree with everything you said here. It perfectly applies to my situation before too — I wanted to go after my travel dreams and be my own boss but I was so scared. I was stuck… UNTIL I took the first step and look at where I am now!

    It’s really important to “just do it” 😉

  5. I definitely needed to read this post! I always find myself procrastinating and not giving it my all. It’s time for me to change that and just give it my all! Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

    • Alyssa, stick around to get more encouragement, empowerment, and motivation to continue taking those steps! We can do it if we just take those first steps!

  6. Incredibly inspiring and I really couldn’t agree more. I’m prone to procrastinating so yes, taking the first step is never an easy thing to do! Thank you for posting this… such beautiful words!

  7. You have really spoken to a need in my life right now. I have been told I have something to share with the world but I am too chicken to move forward. I need to work on my faith in it, I suppose.

    • Tami, I am glad you found this to be useful. I hope you stick around as this whole month I will be giving tips and resources to help people get unstuck from the “doorstep” and go through the door itself! Hang in there, you CAN do it!!

  8. I m a huge procrastinator! You right it just takes the first step, but sometimes the first step is hard. Sometimes I have to force myself, but it always works out. I am the type of person that makes things harder then they should be.

    • Join the club, Tina! This is why I posted about this very process: it is not easy for some people to just jump in and some of us make it harder on ourselves. You are not alone!

  9. Just what I needed to hear! I am working to hard to get ahead of my work rather than behind. It’s not easy but I always keep in the back of my mind to never give up. Just like you said. Thanks for the reinforced motivation.

    • You are welcome, Allison! I am glad you got the affirmation you needed from this post. Please stay tuned as there will be more coming on the subject this month!

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