Gratitude. A way of life.

Gratitude 11-14Gratitude. What a loaded word it is. I wonder often what it is about and have been pondering on it for a little while. What does it mean to people? How deep or shallow is it to some? Those are some of the questions I have been thinking about as I find out more about its fundamental role in the stability of the human being.

My friends, Gratitude is indeed a very powerful word. It was not until I started practicing it each day that I realized the impact it could have on any given situation. Oh, make no mistake about me losing it every now and then. Imperfectness does reside within me quite securely…
So I see that the dictionary reports it as being “a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation.”

It is something that a lot of us forget about. We are swallowed whole into life and forget to take a minute to appreciate what we have been given. We go through life and run the rat race in fear we will miss something… But at the end, we are just passing by the real substance: being thankful and being able to enjoy life.  Gratitude is a gift in and of itself.  Quite peculiar, but worth being adopted for life.

Let’s spend the month of November exploring GRATITUDE together. On our Facebook page, we will be using each of the letters of that word, GRATITUDE, to generate powerful thoughts that will encourage us to strive for more of it in our lives. I encourage you not only to take this short journey with me, but to share it with others. I hope you will keep this practice for times to come and you will enjoy the fruit it yields.
Let’s delve right in! Let’s start today! Surely there are three things in your life today you can be grateful for.

I would be honored if you shared your thoughts with me in the comment lines. You might also help other readers along the way.
Thank you and may the Faith be with you!

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