Great Giveaway! Enter daily: Valentine’s Day is an everybody affair!

What do you think of when you hear “Valentine’s Day?”  Is it “Lovers’ Affair?”  “Dinner and flowers?”  Well, according to recent trends, more and more people are shying away from the “lovers’ only” concept, to encompass friendship, parenthood, and yes, even the self!  I love it!  Valentine’s Day is about love for everyone the way I see it.I was so impressed with the Palm Beach Outlets understanding all those views and since the stores are welcoming the new season with some beautiful fashion and great deals, I found they had some LOVE for everyone no matter your age, size, “romantic” situation, or budget.  If you want to see what I mean, read along and you can even get a chance to win cool gift certificates and visit Palm Beach Outlets to check out the savings!

PBO Valentines' Day friends

Valentine’s Day with the gang can mean a get-together with your girlfriends.  Why not check out the bar area at BJ’s or the cool setting at Starbucks?  Before you go, choose some knockout outfits for men and women at Dressbarn, Lane Bryant, Saks, or Tommy Hilfiger. Be sure to swing by Steve Madden to grab the perfect pair of shoes and/or purse.  I have to tell you, that it is one of the few places where I am able to find a nice pair of shoes to fit my size 11’s!

PBO Valentines' Day girlfriends

Teenagers and their puppy loves are also into Valentine’s Day.  C’mon parents, let them have a little fun at Red Robin or PeiWei in the early evening.  Surely you remember sharing a mega shake with your sweety as you gaze in each other’s eyes!

PBO Valentines' Day Teens

Or just hang out with some buddies to have a great time together. Of course, the teens will ask for some money to buy a cool outfit for the date or get together; and Gap, J. Crew, or #myversonastyle (Versona) will take care of the whole thing for a reasonable price!  We took our little crew of teenagers and they were quite pleased with what they found.  Nothing like happy teenagers to make parents’ lives easier!



Now what if you are not involved romantically? More and more people are learning to appreciate the Self.  Believe me, spending the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with good’ ole Me can be quite fulfilling.  I recommend relishing over a good book or magazine, or even update your journal, in the warm, jazzy atmosphere of Starbucks.  They know how to ignite romance between your taste buds and their amazing drinks over there!

image3 (2)

We found some very sassy jeans and tanks at NY&Co. and my daughter for one cannot get enough of hers!  Again, match made in heaven, right: Jeans, reading, great music, and Starbucks. They have lots more to explore, I get lost in happiness when I am there: so many nice things for so many occasions!

PBO Valentines' Day self

The family also celebrates Valentine’s Day, right?  A stroll around the mall with music and lights makes it fun for the little people.  I am sure they will enjoy some Hagen Daz ice cream during their stroll.  The food court has a variety of food items to satisfy their little bellies.  Have you checked out the great deals from Hartstrings yet?  Such cute Love Fest- ready outfits!  I got a couple for my niece and nephew, couldn’t resist – guilty!

PBO Valentines' Day Family


Oh, and let us not forget the romantic stroll!  I already mentioned some of the stores and restaurants, and I am sure that you will surely find a little corner just for you and your honey at any of those sites, especially if you talk to your waiter about making it all special. They are friendly like that.  Make sure you stop by Dressbarn and pick up the perfect dress for the occasion.  You can see in the picture below that I got a nice recompense from the choice I made from there!

PBO Valentines' Day romance


You see, the Outlets are a perfect place for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They thought about it all: from a romantic stroll hand in hand, to the catching up with Mom cup of tea, to even ice cream or burgers with the little people.  And if you are thinking of making this special person in your life a permanent partner or want to show her how much she makes your life sparkle, Kay Jewelers will be happy to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry to make her heart skip a beat.

PBO Valentines' Day shops

The last time I worked with them during the Palm Beach Outlet Bloggers Challenge, I told you how the Palm Beach Outlets is an amazing entity to work with.  This time, they were open to show you, the readers, some love too.  Some of the stores graciously agreed to provide gift certificates!  Enter NOW until 3-6-15 and 4 winners will be announced on Friday 3-11-15.  This way, you can also experience what I have been so blessed with.  We have a $10 gift certificate from #myversonastyle, $20 from Tommy Hilfiger, $50 from Dressbarn, $20 from New York and Company (ask for Connie if you are the winner of this gift certificate)

Amazing, right?  Good luck and drop us a line to tell us how the Palm Beach Outlets – loved on you this Valentine’s Day!

Special thanks to all my friends and family who contributed to this post: I love you all and thank you so much for your continuous support!!!

To all, I wish a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day, and as always, keep the Faith!


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50 Responses to “Great Giveaway! Enter daily: Valentine’s Day is an everybody affair!”

  1. I am totally sold!!! And I don’t even live in West Palm! I am seriously contemplating making the drive up there to enjoy the Gardens!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) Reply February 9, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that looks like a fun place to shop.

  3. What a beautiful area!! Hoping to just get out of the house this V-Day! 🙂

  4. Wow. Looks like an amazing giveaway!! I love outlet stores!!!

  5. Wish I lived closer! Sounds like a great giveaway!

  6. Hey girl…I completed all the steps but when I hit submit nothing happened. I hope everything went through.


  7. It sounds like a great Valentine’s Day outing to me! I’m not much for the romantic candlelit dinner anyhow.

  8. Teenagers and puppy love. That line made me laugh. My daughter is going through a puppy love phase now. She’s already crafting her Valentine’s Gift for her bf. 😉

  9. I love your pictures, especially the one of the kids sharing a milkshake :-). Looks like a wonderful place to spend the afternoon (… and evening too!).

  10. Red Robin is always fun! They give my kids a balloon and the food is pretty good! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. What a great giveaway! I wish I was closer!

  12. Sending me to the outlets sound like a perfect Valentine’s Day. Lol! These shops look great.

  13. Such great tips, and that giveaway? Fingers crossed!

  14. I love the concept of Valentine’s Day, but boy oh boy, can it be a stressful pain when you are in high school! I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day…

  15. Hey there! LOVE your pics and looks like you really enjoy what you do and have a passion for life…I love that! I just wanted to let you know I tried to follow you on Pinterest and it cannot find your page? I did submit my name in the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win and keep up your good work!

    • Thank you Stacy! I have been having some issues with my Pinterest! Thank you for entering and I will surely remedy to the Pinterest problem…
      Thank you for your words of encouragement!!!

  16. I generally like valentine’s day because it is about loving each other!

  17. I enjoy Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s lost its punch over the years. Because there is so much pressure to show your love on that day by emptying your wallet

    • Lana, I am sure that it has been seriously commercialized over the years… I wish there were not the pressure you are alluding to. It is a day to remember to give love, not necessarily to empty the wallet. On my end, I am a fan of spending Valentine’s Day with my family. It made a difference for me once I re-framed the whole concept 🙂

  18. I’ve never had an awesome valentines day so im not a huge fan of it lol

  19. Palm Beach Shopping Center is one of my favorite places to shop!! It sold me this Valentine’s Day because I was able to get some great pieces on sale!!

  20. I would love to win to use a gift card at the Palm Beach Outlets. Didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s day because I was sick. Thanks.

  21. Great fun outing. I love the beauty of Palm Beach. I’m glad this giveaway is still going strong.

  22. I love Valentine’s day because my husband and I do small, thoughtful things for each other and have learned it’s so much better than making it a huge spectacle!

  23. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. Love anything that supports Love! Although we rarely do anything super special because we celebrate our love all year long, we always at least have a nice dinner and have some special time together. 🙂


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