Help another, help yourself

helping-handHumph! I wanted so much to have some type of venting session here, but I am afraid that this will not be one…

Just look around you and I am sure you will find someone who is going through difficult situations and theirs just seem fairly heavy compared to yours.

It would be more about how it is upsetting that society here frowns upon anger or unrest when it is shown, but instead I decided to turn away from it and have a different idea for you to ponder. It is not such a fresh new unheard idea or some revolutionary way to live by.  Simple as it may be, it is something we seldom use and take for granted.  “What is it!!??!?!?!?” you must ask.  It is a concept, a paradigm shift.  An unusual lens to see your life through.

OK, ok…  Enough torture, right?  Have you ever had such a bad day, or bad week, or bad month, that you could just SPIT???  Most of the time, when you are going through it, do you even think about the fact that there might be someone around you going through much worse than you? Ha!  You have surely considered it once or twice as the wonderful, thoughtful person that you are.  But have you REALLY considered what it would be like to be in another person’s shoes who is going through much worse than you?

Here is what I am getting at.  Not to be oowee-goowee about it, or extensively critical, but this concept has proven to make a big difference in people’s lives.  You do not have to be overly sensitive about a starving country or figure out how to solve the problem of world peace, to understand what I am talking about.  Just look around you and I am sure you will find someone who is going through difficult situations and theirs just seem fairly heavy compared to yours.

The question becomes: “What do you do about that?”  Well, consider this.  If you are struggling with some crazy stuff, it would make a difference if you started appreciating where you are and seeking learning opportunities from the difficult situation you are in at the time.  Think about it, can you imagine what a world of a difference it would make if you, for instance, were thankful for not being in a worse situation (like your friend).  What if you were able to transfer some of that positive energy to the very person seeking it and welcoming it?

What a concept!  Not only would you be able to help yourself feel better, but you would pull along someone living in a tougher predicament!  Research corroborates this strongly as well.   At the end, you could actually save both of you from anguish, anxiety, bother, etc…

Now the trick is to not only find someone who fits the bill, but also to pull yourself from your boot straps.  How you decide to go uphill and keep hiking until you reach the pure air of Positive Thinking and all around Peace, is up to you.  So many positive effects even biologically!  You can go slowly, or you can go at a steady pace.  The quicker you get to it, the faster you reach the peak where you find Peace and, even better than that, companionship and appreciation from the people whom you pulled up with you!  Solidarity, who knew!?!?

So here is your challenge.  When you feel cornered by life, although each person’s trial deserves acknowledgement and validation, turn it into a positive situation by helping another person out who is having it worse than you in life.

When Life mistreats you, nurse yourself back to Peace by visiting someone Life sent to the hospital after a severe beating.  You will not only experience recovery, but you will have made a positive difference in the healing of the person in the “hospital”.  Get it?

Well, that’s all she wrote for tonight.  Don’t forget, keep the Faith…

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