How to make 2018 happen – the tools

And 2018 is rolling!

How are those resolutions going?  Have you already made a few?

I have tried year after year to make resolutions and by the time we were in mid-January, I was already rethinking them…

Are you more determined and courageous?  

This year, I decided to do something different and I want to share it with you.  I tried it later in 2017 when it came to me and so far, it has been working and I am seeing some progress.  It’s my New Year Revelation 🙂

This could not wait until 2018, because the more I practiced using those tools, the more the fire in my guts was growing.  There is no secret formula, no special sauce, just a different way to see things.  Yup!  You heard it.  A change in the way we think can make a big difference no matter where you start.

One of the tools I am using is from the book “The 5-Second Rule” by Mel Robbins.  You may have seen it mentioned on this blog before.  I really like the way she goes step by step with how to use the rule and how she provides several examples of when you can use it (in my opinion, practically everywhere!)  You know how you can stand on the edge and just balance back and forth on decisions, even on the small ones like what kind of shoes you will wear with your jogging outfit?  Well in the book, Mel teaches us to take action without overthinking.  Here is the link to get it on Amazon.  I recommend it strongly to you, especially if you are an overthinker or someone who hesitates very often.

Another tool I use that is growing the “fire” inside me is developing a reason WHY I am doing/would like to do/will be doing what I do.  Journaling has been an amazing tool to get things rolling!  Writing down my REASONS and elaborating on WHY has opened the road for me.  I find that it has provided me with the ability to generate a plan and put forth some action plans that led to results.  Wanna see proof of what this did?  Click HERE and see how I was able to finally start my “Perfectly Unfinished Series” event.  Not only was the whole process fun, but it was also very rewarding.  The participants shared how this experience enhanced their lives.  I am already planning the next one and will have a big reveal about it soon!  

Last but not least, I used a very old tool that yielded results because I practiced it for a long time.  It’s AFFIRMATIONS.  Yes, you have to couple this with perseverance and determination to see this unravel.  But the key is to be kind to yourself and have COMPASSION for yourself.  You see, we fall many times along our way.  The journey has its bumps and twists.  But what matters is that you get up and dwell on the prize.  AFFIRMATIONS can help you do that.  If you remember to be compassionate with yourself and allow yourself to get back up and give it yet another go, then you have with affirmations a powerful piece of equipment in your self-confidence arsenal.  You can see how to develop your own affirmations HERE.  That stuff works!

Are you ready to create your New Year Revelation and happen to 2018 instead of letting 2018 happen to you?  Do you have a WHY?  

Let’s talk about that next week, shall we?

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