img_4131A lot has been stirring in my head since the announce of hurricane Matthew.  I stopped often to observe people as they exhibit pure panic and disheveledness through the motions of preparing for the storm.

And then I started thinking…  How do we prepare for, go through, and recover from major life storms?

Here’s a candid moment: I have been through some gigantic “life hurricanes” in my days and I want to share how I got blessed enough to make it to the other side:

Prepare yourself

Build your self-esteem:  You have to understand that there is no armor like it.  Self-esteem is one of the best defenders you have against any of life’s most wicked storms.  

If you believe you are enough and that you matter, then it will be very difficult for tough times to take you out!

  1. Learn how to love yourself.  You are a blessing and you have abilities and gifts that nobody else on this earth has.  Look for them, write them down, and know them well! Got some ideas on how to do this here.
  2. Get involved in different uplifting events. It’s about nourishing yourself and others, about bringing out the joy and gifts that God has given you.  Do things that are good for you and be kind to yourself.  Keep up with your physical and mental health.  Take those days off if you can, go to the beach for just an hour, eat on your patio for a change, go roller skating!

The point here is to identify things you love about yourself and do the things you love, and share your gifts! That can prepare you to withstand the gushing life winds.

img_4310Fight through the storm

Use your experience bone:  You have already weathered some difficult situations in life starting at a young age. You have been overcoming issues since you came out of the womb.

How did you do it then?  

Use those previous experiences, apply those same skills from before or build upon them!  The many rains and tropical depressions you have been through were actually good practice and preparation for the hurricanes!

  1. Get clear about the issue:  Take a step back and inventory what is really going on.  Is this really worth you getting all twisted up about?  Is the situation or person worth your peace?   
  2. Get reinforcements: When the hurricane was coming, I have experienced people helping each other boarding up.  They helped each other rebuild fences and clean up.  The same way, you need support to help “board up and rebuild” at the time of life storms.  You have the right to be hurt and others are willing and ready to help you get through.  Welcome the help!
  3. Keep remembering your truths: Often when things get dark around us, we have a tendency to lose touch with our truths.  We start coming down on our own selves and harbor the negative thoughts that creep into our minds.  Just because the lights cut off, doesn’t mean you cannot light a candle or use a flashlight!  Get on and shine that light on your truths: you are NOT worthless, this kind of “stuff” DOES and WILL go away, you are NOT empty, and you DO have a lot to offer!Remember your truths!

GET BACK UP!  So yes, we talked all along about how to prepare, how to stay strong, how to face and tackle the tough times, but what if they push you down anyway?  Just because you fall doesn’t mean you have been defeated.  Because you have been able to cultivate all we talked about above, you will have the strength to get back on your feet.  

I am a survivor of many crappy situations that have tried to pin me down to the ground, so I can tell you a thing or two about it.  When you build your self esteem, keep positive people around you who help you grow, when you cultivate kindness around you, the chance of getting back up is undisputable.  

Yes the hurricanes will come.  Yes they will try to devastate your life.  But they will not have the ability to keep you destitute.  You will be surprised how better you will emerge on the other side!

I am sure of it and hope you will start getting ready for the storms while sunshine and no threats are in the horizon.  

This hurricane got me thinking…..


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26 Responses to “Hurricane”

  1. Life can be like a storm. We do need to fight that nasty storm often.

  2. Wonderful post! It is so inspiring and true. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It’s when you get beaten down by hurricanes that you become the strongest. Hard lessons teach us the biggest ones.

  4. The hurricanes that life throw at you isn’t always easy to face but you can’t avoid them. These are great suggestions on how to handle those hurricanes. You have to be prepared no matter what.

  5. Yeah, preparation is the key. Our life can be full of hurricanes but we have a choice to overcome it.

  6. With this last one (Matthew) I was so worried. My sons father and family are in FL and I didnt know how to react. I am so happy that they are okay!

  7. It is amazing how many different things can be thrown at you throwing life off. So important to handle them correctly

  8. Life’s storms come and go, but preparation is the key. Also be flexible in your thinking – it helps.

  9. The storms of life may be difficult but you always comes out better on the other side!

  10. Oftentimes, we become a victim of such tragedies because we let ourselves to one. HurricAne is a given fact and we should be prepared for it easier said than done but again, preparedness is the the key.

  11. Leigh Anne Borders Reply October 16, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    What a great comparison. Life is certainly like a hurricane at times.

  12. Being prepared for storms is something everyone should take seriously. Life preparation is sometimes much harder! lol

  13. christina aliperti Reply October 19, 2016 at 2:23 am

    I love this analogy. Reinforcements are so very important for us all. We all need some extra support sometimes.

  14. I like how you use the analogy of Hurricane Matthew to help readers look and think past life’s ups and downs.

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