#Ican / #Icant

typoramaYou won’t believe what I found out as I have been revamping my hashtags on my posts in the last couple of months!

I have been concentrating my efforts in communicating to you on the subject of overcoming obstacles and being able to attain our goals.  So naturally, one of the hashtags I used was #Ican.  

Do you notice that when you start a word after the hashtag, many others come up with some type of combination of the word you are trying to use?  It also tells you how many posts there have been associated with that word, right?  

typorama-3Follow me for a minute.  When I typed #Ican, immediately after, there was #Icant.  It did not matter how many times I used it, #Icant’s posts were surpassing my #Icans…  

No matter the day or time, it was the same: #Icant posts significantly were blowing the #Icans out of the water.  

Not surprisingly, when I tried to use #worth, #worthless would come up and also surpass in posts; and I could go on with other similar ones…

OK, I am not going to generalize since this was only as I was using Instagram.  But you imagine!?!?  The load of negativity out there is enormous!  For sure there are many great ones out there getting attention, like #blessed or #selflove.  But stay with me on this one please.

The point I am hoping to make is that in our days, sensationalism is trying to take over.  It is no wonder bad news is THE news and that there is very little positive mentioned (and then in the commercials they want to sell you happy pills…)

We just take it in with big gulps and do not ask any questions.  That is the part I want to hone in.  Do we just lay down and just let the #Icants of our lives take over?  Do we just give up?

IMG_1422Not a chance!  I want to lift us up today with a message quite contrary from what the outside is spraying all over us: YOU CAN!  You are ABLE!  The more you say it, the more you repeat it, the better.  

There is no way we are able to make progress if we have the “can’t” mentality.  I have to be honest with you and agree that it is challenging to own our power and accomplish things we dream of.  Paralyzing sometimes!  But to make some progress toward accomplishing anything, we have to change the negative mentality of “I can’t” into “I can”.  

At this time, it is what it is: people are more focused on what they cannot do as opposed to what they are able to do.  The first step is to believe we CAN make a change for the positive.

typorama-2So, what are you waiting for?  Will you immediately change your thoughts into the #Ican mindset or will you go with the flow?  It is up to you to make the shift and you have all that it takes within you to make that change.  You hold the power between your ears and in your heart.  It is all built in!

Let us seek our inner warrior and go-getter, and bring them out.  Yes, this is a new year and most of us are feeling the urge to make a change; but the key is for us to keep the momentum.  With an #ICAN attitude, I promise you we will!

Keep that Faith!


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