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motivation and meSurprise!  I know it is not Monday, but I could not wait another day to tell you about this great course I just participated in!  Since MeUnfinished is all about improving, learning, and enjoying life, this was right up my alley.  Yes, people, I am now a Life Editor!  So you want to know what that is, huh…  Read along and you can find out more about my experience and how you can be a Life Editor too!

Ok, so I came upon this cool lady, Sage Grayson, who is all about improving and enhancing lives.  I have been enjoying her insightful posts for a few months and when she invited some of us to sign up for her new course, I took the opportunity right away when I watched the trailer.  It is called Life Editing For Beginners.  This is a wonderful way to look at improving life: you “EDIT” it!


Sage took a group of us through her five steps of life editing you see above, and supported us through the whole deal.  She was engaged with us from day one and the communication was top notch.  That is important to me because when we are engaged in a program with the goal of changing or improving our lives, we are looking for guidance and for the path to those goals to be lit.  Sage did that for us.

Among many things, there are some aspects of the program I am very fond of that have transformed my life and would like for you experience too.

LEFB collage

The first part of the program helped me recognize the positive areas of my life.  I completed a gratitude exercise that sensitized my awareness to things in my life that bring joy, positivity, and life.  So many things!  I was not too sure how to stop, so I have incorporated this practice in my daily life as mentioned before in a previous post.  Sage helped us ready ourselves with an open mind with this exercise.

Another area she helped develop for me was to identify things that are important to me.  I felt very scattered at times and when she introduced the Vision Board, it blew me away!  It took forever for me to make mine.  But since I could work at my own pace I was comfortable as I completed it.  When I was done, it was like the light bulb went on…  It centers me when I wake up to my vision board each day.  My “Why” is on display.


To bring it home, the use of “White Space” was something I needed improvement in.  What is “White Space” you ask?  Well, it is where you give yourself a chance to be.  Yes, we all need this time to just be and to regroup.  We are always going, going, going…  This is a chance for us to decide to stop and be ok with it.  Sage even had her own “White Space” moment during our study and it was really wonderful to have received an email from her claiming her own White Space.  Teaching by example, what a concept!


Sage Grayson – Life Editing For Beginners

Those are just a few of the great things Life Editing For Beginners taught me and I keep the materials and use them as often as I need.  We also had a Facebook group that was of great support.

So people, this was just a little snip-it of what we did as a group to “Edit” our lives for the better.  Does that sound like something you might want to know more about?

Please find the information about enrolling in the Life Editing For Beginners here.  Become a Life Editor and you will see things improve considerably!  I sure did (big smile!)


Thanks to Sage Grayson for an awesome experience and MeUnfinished wishes you the best and to keep being a positive influence in other’s lives!

This was a worthwhile leap of Faith for me!

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a Life Editor! Sounds like you had an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing! Those tid bits go a long way Martine!!!


  2. Thank you KPD,
    Those do help indeed!
    Martine – MeUnfinished

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