Keep your eyes on the road

eyes on the road 1Another insightful story comes my way and it is one I want to share this with you.  Short and sweet, but packed with inspiration, enlightenment, and spunk.  Care to “ride” with me?

I had the privilege to be in the presence of one of my favorite people on earth: one of my dear sisters.  As we were talking about life and how we are trying to navigate through our journey, she brought out this bright light of knowledge that flabbergasted me!

I am still on “think” mode….

What was it you ask?  Well, she compared our journey to a bike ride and how some of us are so busy trying to get certain people to notice that we are actually riding the darn bike (where some do not even try), that we miss out on mastering our path.

Let me unpack this a bit for you.  Hang with me, ok?

Do you know how to ride a bike?  Well, even if you did not, it is quite clear that there is a great deal of balance needed to keep you on it, let alone ride it.eyes on the road 3

Imagine you are going through a path.  When you start looking elsewhere, you tend to take the direction of where your gaze has taken you.  If you divert your focus on another activity, you tend to swerve, shake, lose balance, even fall.  

Of course people talk on the bike all the time and look around!  I am talking about the type of diversion that takes your whole focus off.

Well, some of us are doing just that: trying to focus on getting others to see that “Yes!  I am actually riding on the journey of life.  Look at how good I am doing! See?”

Now the people you are trying to attract may even be very important to you.  They might be essential to you.

But, is any of it worth you losing your composure enough for you to get off path?  How will you be serving/helping them if you fall or distract yourself into the wrong path?

You see, my friend, the idea is not to let others know we are riding the journey.  It is more about mastering your craft, learning how to deal when obstacles and sharp turns present themselves.  

Once you are able to know that, you can venture to develop your skills more and even do “cool tricks” on the road.

eyes on the road 2The more you enjoy yourself, the more you are doing well and are comfortable and confident, the less you will need others to look at you.  Believe me, you will not even notice when they catch that glimpse of you showing off to yourself.  They will be hooked, but by that time, it will not phase you as much.

My friend is WISE.  She showed me a whole different approach to living.  One that encourages me to start mastering my craft, start appreciating myself and get confident about the gifts God provided me with and use them.  Do you feel the challenge coming on for you too?  I am positive you feel something building way deep in your gut!

So I ask again: Will you “ride” with me?  I want to hear how you will make your new adjustments in the comments below.  As always, thank you for Sharing, Tweeting, and all!!!

Faith… (sigh)

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33 Responses to “Keep your eyes on the road”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Reply November 5, 2015 at 10:05 am

    It really is all about finding your thing and mastering your craft. That is some really sage advice.

  2. I love this post. This is a great reminder that we should always focus on the more important things. We tend to swerve and lose balance when we are distracted.

  3. I am always trying to keep my eyes on the road. There has been a few twists and turns, but I know that I am going the road I am supposed to! Great post!

  4. I love this post. It’s an important reminder to keep looking and moving forward.

  5. This is a good reminder to keep your eyes forward and to roll with the obstacles. The right mindset can really go so far in influencing the life that we live.

  6. This is a great post. Far too often I pay attention to what’s going on around me and I miss the finer points in life.

  7. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. This post is a great reminder to keep moving.

  8. Beautifully delivered!!! Far too often we focus on things we won’t even remember about tomorrow. Need to focus more on the important things

  9. Thanks for this beautifully written post that serve as a reminder for all of us. It is true, most of the times, we worry about little things that doesn’t even matter.

  10. It’s is very easy to get caught up in our problems. I guilty of it. I often have to try to keep myself focused on the bigger picture so that I can keep moving forward.

  11. Lately I’ve been having a hard time keeping my focus on the road. The sad part it that applies to almost every aspect of my life right now.

    I’m trying to put my blinders on.

  12. Such an inspiring post that I loved reading it completely. We all tend to lose attention on bigger things in all of a sudden, just because of few issues that happens around us. Such a great reminder to keep life in balance & stay focused.

  13. What an amazing post. Something I really needed to read and hear. Thanks for this.

  14. Posts like these make me think about life and how far I’ve come. We all need a reminder to stay focused.

  15. Yes, this is so incredibly true! It’s very easy to get distracted but it’s so important to stay focused. Reading this was great timing as I get ready to set my goals for 2016!

  16. I am glad you have a friend who encourages and supports you. It’s always great to have one to keep you on track. And yes, I think yeah of us has his/her own talent. You just got to enhance it once in awhile. 🙂

  17. I am trying to find my path and stay motivated myself. This is great advice to keep going!

    • Thank you so much Krystal! I appreciate your comment and pray you are finding your path as you learn more about yourself. It is certainly a daunting task to stay motivated, I am still working on it myself and that is how was born! We are all a work in progress. If we travel through this journey together, there is a much better chance we will have an enjoyable one as we support one another 🙂
      Again thank you Krystal for your kind words and readership. I hope you find some great tips to keep going!
      Martine xoxoxo

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