Lessons from a dreamer

Something peculiar happens to you when you decide to take your dreams seriously: everything around you starts “agreeing” with you…

  I have noticed in my circle of friends that we are more in tune with ourselves and that we have been striving, at different levels, to be more aware of our own needs and strengths.  Both men and women are making strides to improve their quality of life and some of them have taken major leaps of Faith as they fulfill their purpose in the world and follow their dreams.  It’s all about giving back and contribute positively to our communities with the gifts we were given.  Oooh!!! Just saying that gives me goose bumps!

One of my dearest buddies has the incredible talent of encouraging others to follow their dreams.

Her words are so powerful and impactful, that it is very difficult sometimes to not feel empowered by them.  Being the cheerleader she is, she put together a small event where she not only was able to collectively spur us forward, but give us a chance to join each other’s journeys as we work on living our dreams and improve our Self-Care.

The jewelry

The jewelry

When I got there with my bottle of wine and an appetizer, dressed in my yoga clothes, I was expecting other ladies, but not the spread wonderful and deliciously looking goodies.

“How many people are here?” I remember asking myself…  My friend quickly emerged from the kitchen as I was greeting familiar ladies and with a smile she welcomed me.  As I walked around, I met other ladies and saw where the Yoga session was going to take place with OM Yoga.  Tingles!  In the family room, several stations were set up where one was a spread of pure organic skin goodness from Soothing Remedies (so pleasantly fragrant, I thought I was in Heaven), original pieces of jewelry (eye candy), and it looked like two young teenage entrepreneurs had also set shop showcasing their jewelry too: Origami Owl.

The hostess mingled with everybody and skillfully connected people to one another.  It is safe to say that we had all met within that first hour.  Wow!  The power of networking… Who knew!!?!?!  Of course, you know that yours truly here was stressing out being in there, knowing I would have to present our little online connection.  But having some familiar faces made it easier to work the room.

Yoga dreams


Finally the time came for us to officially present ourselves to the group. 

By then, we were all feeling a lot more comfortable with each other.  It felt like each person was invested in the other’s success: we cheered and gave encouraging words.  It was almost like each one of us was a major celebrity performing at a concert packed with thousands of fans.  What was more amazing, was that we were being edified for following our passion.  One of us had even left her comfy position in Corporate America!  Exciting and uplifting are very pale ways to describe the feeling.  We are all organically generating our niche and there is nothing more fulfilling than that!

The jewelry was masterfully crafted (both from the adult and junior entrepreneurs) and the Yoga session

Organic dream

Organic Body Care and candles

was simply out of this world (this woman has the ability to take you to a restful inner-self place in the midst of chaos!).  The spread of lotions, soap, and candles were the makings of a luxurious spa.  There was talent in there!  What humbling experience to be a part of it all!

People, I bring this to you to simply show you two things:

One, take time to find your talent and to recognize and nurture it;

Two, when you do, go after the dreams.  They were all put inside of you for a reason. 

Each one of us has a purpose, but life tends to get in our way and somehow blurs our vision and interrupts the process.  Those who know how to stop the “rat race”, assess themselves, and go after those dreams tend to find success one way or the other.  I believe that the Universe, God for me, works it so the road gets paved straight to the life we want as we share our talent.  As an added bonus, this is also one of the highest forms of Self-Care.  Wouldn’t you agree?

What is your dream and when will you decide to go after it?  What are you doing Today to make it come to fruition?

I challenge you to leave comments and to pass this along to encourage others to take the steps.

Let’s all keep the Faith!


Special thanks to Mariam our Hostess.  We LOVE you!!!

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4 Responses to “Lessons from a dreamer”

  1. Thank you Martine! I was happy to have all of you at home for this event Each and everyone of you has a gift and I believe you should share that gift whether to inspire others or for your own growth. Believe it or not I have more friends with talents to come forward. Wait until you see Dominique’s miniature figurines and doll houses!

    • Hi Mi! Thank you so much!!! This was one of the best ones and I can speak for all of us there that it was WONDERFUL! I wanna see Dominique’s work too 🙂

  2. This sounds like such a great event! Thank you for sharing and once again thanks for the inspiration. Today is indeed a great day to follow one’s dream. And please let me know when you are having another event like this one.

    • Thank you Katie! I will most certainly inform you and we will share ways to encourage and cheer each other on!

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