Random thoughts about Life… Precious gift it is!

typorama-6Usually, right after Christmas, I take the time to review the year and start revising my plans for the next year. This time is different. I have been in thought-mode about life for over a month now due to so many events that have occurred both personally and all around.

We are living in a world that focuses so much on the negative side of life that it seems we have started buying into the idea that this is all it has to offer.

Indeed, we see some dark moments; but although I have been thrown down by life too, there are plenty of “Aha moments” that are particularly loud that shed some light on my journey.

I want to share some of those with you today and am asking you to ponder them and please share with as many people as you can. This brings me to the fist point:

  • You cannot live just for you:

You are meant to have relationships. The greatest joys in life come from being of help to others and that is how we get fulfilled. This is how we live out our purpose no matter which area we are gifted in. So share with others when you find something that is helping you along your way. You will be blessing others!

  • Life is meant to be lived to the fullest:typorama-5

I have not just discovered this, however, reflecting on 2016 I have found that to be very true. So much has happened this year that I can hardly process it all in just a couple of days… Many of us sometimes think: “Goodness, where is time going?” and “I didn’t have time to do…” Whatever you do, take advantage to live out loud, to take the risks, to go the extra mile, to be bold and daring. There are no guarantees in life and life itself is not a guarantee. Get my drift?

  • Life is unpredictable:

Ok, so who here has been able to control time, people, or situations at 100%? Oh! Please share your secret if you have been able to do so! Because until now, I know nobody able to manipulate life to his or her advantage at all times. So here’s the gold nugget of the day: Roll with the punches, go with the flow, make the best of any situation. Since we are not able to control much, we might as well make the best of life as it presents itself.

  • typorama-3Life is precious:

Did you know it is a gift? Each moment we are here on this Earth is a gift. Cherish your time here. Practice gratitude like it is going out of style because it can open your eyes to many blessings and is a powerful source of encouragement. As soon as you realize how much of a gift life is, your awareness of the blessings in your life will grow exponentially.

As I said it earlier, I have not just realized all of what I am sharing with you. I have simply gotten more aware of it all as I experienced life in 2016. Surely you are ready to make some positive changes in your life and in your environment for the next year. When you do, think about those things mentioned above. Find an instance where you have thought about some of what was brought to light here and devise a plan of action to come out of it with power and positivity.

Remember that through it all, when you practice Self Love, you will be armed with one of the most powerful ammunitions to tackle doubt and negativity that can come lurking around when you decide to take those steps towards living your purpose.

I hope this is of value to you and invite you again to share with as many people as you can.  May you be blessed beyond your expectations and may you also let it spill to others around you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Faithfully yours,


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