What makes me the perfect Niche Parent Conference Ambassador?

Hmmm….  What makes me the perfect Niche Parent Conference Ambassador, huh?  Well, you can see “Ambassador” all over this face, don’t you?

The Ambassador

The Ambassador

No, seriously, I could enumerate quite a few competencies that would surely qualify me as a Niche Parent Conference 2014 Ambassador, but for me this conference means more than just a showcase of skills to represent it.  Picture this:

A year ago, I was having one of those deep conversations with my brother and he asked THE question: “What am I doing to get closer to living my dream life?”  This hit me at the speed and force of a freight train going non-stop from the New York to the Florida Keys at 300 miles an hour…  Why, you ask?  Because the answer resonated very loudly in my heart: “Nothing!”  I was hiding the fact that I write and   VERY few people knew about my talent.  It was as if I was afraid or even ashamed of it.  So my dear brother decided he would challenge me to take action.  A few minutes after our conversation, I had tickets to attend the Niche Parent Conference 2013 as a birthday present.

It was absolutely Amazing!  At first, I was intimidated: remember I told you I was in hiding.  There were people everywhere and they all looked like they knew what they were doing…  I knew what Nadia looked like and was anxious to meet her to find out about what I was supposed to do or where to go.  Ah!  I spotted her finally and I quickly made my way to meet her.  Nadia Jones, the event’s organizer, was very welcoming.  Through the conference, she showed me kindness and patience as she directed me to the different sessions that would best suit the “closet writer” I was.  With each session, I was gradually building confidence as I engaged in conversations with others around me.  People wanted to hear about my interests and were encouraging me to take the first step.  Veterans and newbies alike, were pleasant and willing to share their experiences. I guess my face showed my surprise at their openness to share because often they said smiling: “Someone was there for me too when I started.  I am happy to pass it along!”  Many seasoned attendants readily gave me their card and urged me to contact them if I had questions.  The sessions were, informative, practical, fun, and up to date with the latest trends.  What was even more impressive was the presenters’ availability to talk to anybody who wanted a bit of extra knowledge, especially the “newcomers” in the industry like me.  Every now and then, I would run into someone who asked about my progress and if I had made the decision to “come out of my closet”: they had me pegged, they knew I was on the fence clenching onto my anonymity…  I was flabbergasted at the outpour of support, like being cheered on while preparing for a major competition in a stadium of thousands of people screaming my name.  This, my friends, was not a dream: it was real.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover a community and for a quick second it occurred to me: “Could I be feeling a sense of belonging after all?”

My level of confidence was bourgeoning as the days went on.  Communicating with other bloggers and the organizers of the Niche Parent Conference was getting easier.   As they shared their knowledge and experience, I realized that not only did they talked the talk, they also walked the walk.  They helped me learn more about the business, shape my inquiries, and learn more about the different resources available to help me as I entered the blogging world.  I left the conference feeling like new life was breathed into me: my dream was now tangible and there was a way to get to it.  With this new found energy, I quickly got to work and contacted several people I had connected with.  What an experience!  Once again, they took the time to speak to me and lit my path as they allowed me to shower them with questions.  I felt like a kid who played twenty questions with her parents, wanting to know everything…  Can you imagine being able to walk for the first time?!?!

Soon, it was time to make my move.  I reached out to a very prominent blogger team who had presented at the Conference and boldly asked to guest post on their site.  Anticipating their answer was killing me!  They remembered me and what we had discussed (we had some common interests), and accepted to post my article.  Talk about a milestone!  I could hardly believe it: my work would be published on a site with thousands of readers!  When it happened, the feeling was like all the holidays of the year were happening at the same time!  The feedback was amazing and I was invited to post again!  By then, I was ready to take the plunge.  Marrying my newly found knowledge and confidence with my brother’s mad skills and encouragement propelled me into creating my own site and that is how MeUnfinished.com was born: my very own site.

Let’s tie this back to the question I posed at the beginning:  What makes me the perfect Niche Parent Conference 2014 Ambassador and why I should be chosen?  Six months ago, I was a writer in hiding, and now I am the proud creator of a very promising blog with a following and subscribers!  You see, I may be new to it all, but I am sure there will be many “newbies” or “closet writers” timidly contemplating to attend the conference as I did and it will be an honor to share my positive experience with them as an Ambassador for the Niche Parent Conference 2014 and convince them to take the first step.  I will also remind the veterans of their important role in ushering green bloggers into the industry, like they did with me.

Hi!  I am Martine Jolicoeur: an Ambassador of the Niche Parent Conference 2014!  #NicheParent14 & #TeamNiche14IMG_5518

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  1. daphne mathurin Reply May 7, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Congratulations!! What an inspiring story!! Never be afraid to go after your dreams…Motto we should all live by!! I wish you continued success!! ^_^!!

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