From Mommy Blues to Super Mom (Nick Vujicic words of encouragement)

Paradigm change - Nick VujicicSo I am a bit late in posting this week.  Technically, it’s already next week…  I apologize.  It has been an emotional whirlwind with the first week of school.  If I had decided to write with the mental state I was in, I am sure you would be sending some Prozac or boatloads of calming teas my way…  LOL! 

You see, this year things are different for our family: our oldest is now a Senior in High School (and taking regular college classes), our second child is in 8th grade and finishing Middle School (and talking about moving to taking professional ballet classes since she has been doing the regular ones for five years), and our little baby angel is now in Kindergarten (he runs the house).  HELP!!!

I am drowning in those emotions.  Not too sure which one to tend to since each stage is a big deal for them, and mommies tend to be a bit on the hyper-vigilance side when kids are reaching milestones.  Three milestones at once!??!?!  OVERLOAD.

Of course I was a basket case when we went to get Senior pictures for our oldest – during the first week of school, no less.  Too difficult, if you ask me.  She has evolved to a beautiful young woman, sure of herself, and her head on her shoulders.

I guess I was waiting for the storm to pass to share a bit about the experience, but more than that, I was also looking to extrapolate the lesson from the experience.  I waited patiently and last night it hit when we attended the event at church: Nick Jujicic was speaking!  The boy was born with no limbs, could have had a super hard life, but instead chose to be a blessings to others and is living a glorious life.

How does this tie together, you may ask?  Well, while I was wallowing in my somber world of feeling older, used, tired, overly-emotional, useless, depressed, (and did I mention old?), I was reminded that I could shift my paradigm.

Nick tried many times to make sense of his “lack” and concentrated more on that “lack” part for a long time.  It was not until he started to shift his mindset to the “overflow” and “positive” that his life flourished.  He conveyed a super message that was packed of hope and positivity.

Many times we fall into the sad, negative, and overwhelming feelings of pain and feel paralyzed by fear.   We are able to think differently and act upon it.  Nick shed some light on this last night for thousands of us who came to listen to him.

On the way home, I was deep in thought.  I was pondering on those words that reached deep into my heart.  At the end, it made sense: Which feelings will I choose?  Positive or Negative? 

“If you don’t get the miracle, BE the miracle!”

After pondering and praying about it, I decided to look at the situation from a positive angle.  I want to share with you that from the school issues with the kids to any other situation in life, you are learning about life as you experience it and it can be an enjoyable journey if you want it to be.

Now I see that I am the proud mother of three AMAZING children.  No more Mommy Blues!  I have heavily contributed to the oldest reaching her last year of High School successfully.  An accomplished, strong, and AWESOME young lady.  I am also the mother of another wonderful teenager who radiates LOVE everywhere she goes.  She also does well in school and is on the right path to “smoke’em” in High School.  The little one is simply a gift straight from Heaven.  He is pure JOY and I also play a part of that.  They are the positive in me, they bring out the best in me.

This is the way I am looking at it: I am a blessing to them as they are to me.  To follow what Nick Vujicic said: “If you don’t get the miracle, BE the miracle!” You are a blessing to others around you: don’t forget it!


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10 Responses to “From Mommy Blues to Super Mom (Nick Vujicic words of encouragement)”

  1. Marjorie Barthelus Reply August 25, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Thank you for the positive words. What a way to start this week!
    Marjorie 🙂

  2. Girl!!!! Now that’s fuel for a kick-butt, positive, productive week! Thank you!!!! So glad I read before starting my day.

  3. Such an inspiring message! Thank you Martine!

  4. What a perfect read for a Monday morning! For my children, school will begin in two weeks; I, like you feel a bit emotional and overwhelmed when I think of my daughter already going to the 8th grade… Your story touches many of us in so many levels. I love the inspiring message: I am a blessing to my children.

    Whenever I feel proud of my kids (which is quite often) I’ll need to remember that I played a part in their success.

  5. Awesome words for this week for sure!

  6. Thank you Martine, this really made my day!

  7. This is a great post! I love being kicked into gear!

  8. We all need a minute here and there to evaluate our lives and realize we are blessed even in the tough days. 🙂

  9. I sure needed to hear this today, Martine, so I thank the Lord for using you to give me a well needed booster. Continue to be a blessing to others!

  10. I’d send you some prozak, but I don’t think it would work over the internet and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to mail to random strangers 🙂 However, I do hope things will settle, that each child will find their groove during these momentous times, and that Mom will find some peace in her heart 🙂

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