Some thoughts about Mothers Day


Mothers Day 2017

Today is Mothers Day.  Since I woke up today, I have been thinking about this one moment where I read the little stick that told me that I was expecting my first child.  Indescribable…

I cannot even tell you how much this meant to me: all my life, all I wanted to be is a mother.  This was the moment where I knew God had blessed me finally to have a little person of my own.  

Now, with three blessings in my life, I have to say that my life is beyond full.  The cliche says that “there are no words to …” but it is true: there are no words at all to explain what it means to be a mother.

You are full boundlessly, you overflow with joy, pain, happiness, you cry, you get mad, you get pissed, you get sad and often are confused.  Oh! And the list goes on and on.  But at the end of the day, it is the most fulfilling purpose to me.

It takes a lot for a life to develop and come out into the world.  Take it from me, I am a developmentalist in my other life (the 9-5).  I can tell you that having a child is a miracle.

So, this is for the mothers out there who work tirelessly to take care of their children, for the single mamas out there burning the candle at both ends to see if there will be some type of solace and balance in their children’s lives.  This is also for the women who have accepted to bless non-biological children with their love, the amazing mothers who are sharing their children with another, the ones suffering from the absence of their children.  Let’s not forget the mothers who are not understood, the ones who embrace their children no matter what, the ones who have yet to understand their role as a mother, the ones who know their roles and do right by their children, I say

Happy Mother’s Day!

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