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IntroPost picAnd so it finally starts…  I heard a great leader, John Maxwell, say once that it is not all to take the first step, but to continue traveling taking a series of first steps (as I paraphrase).  This is a way to ensure that the first step is not just that, a first step…  So, here I am. 

Yes, I went there, because I’ve been there…

Not claiming to be an expert at anything in particular, but definitely ready to share life experiences with you.  You are not alone or crazy.  Yes, I went there, because I’ve been there… (And continue to go there! LOL!)  How many times do you have thoughts you are surprised at whether they are cruel, sexy, or plain goofy?  Or maybe have you taken actions you did not anticipate?  Sometimes we experience things in life and wonder if anybody on the face of this earth has walked in our shoes, or can even understand our language?  I could be stuck on such questions for days, but the bottom line is that all and any of the answers would qualify us as a humans in my book.  Through my blogging, I can testify to the fact that you are never alone and that there are many resources out there to support us and can be used once we realize we can tap into them.

It is not all to take the first step, but to continue traveling taking a series of first steps

With this blog, I want to provide you with some resources to keep encouraging you to do the day by day thing and to take it a bit farther: to thrive.  Sometimes, we feel defeated and our dreams seem very far away.  When I think about this journey, I am reminded of the story of Jack in the Beanstalk.  Why, you ask?  Well, he saw something grow right in his backyard, and for a while he pondered about climbing it, did it, and after braving many dangers ended up with some great goods.  If we are a bit more like Jack, we can also live our dreams.  I am not sending anybody to go “steal any giant’s fortune”, but I am suggesting getting over our fears to not just look at the seeds we are provided in life, but to plant them, nurture them, watch them get bigger, climb, go farther than you think you can, and keep plowing through the hurdles of life until you reach the giant castle where you will find your prizes.  There are tools along the way and as I find them, I would like to share them with you in different aspects of life: the family life, and the self.

Come along!  Here is to sharing laughs, joy, sorrows, information, anger, faith, resources, hope, despair, resources old and new, and all else useful for us to trek through this amazing, God-provided “expedition” called LIFE.

Always keep the Faith!



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