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It has been too long, people, since we have had a wonderful experience together…  I have been on a mission to find us happenings in the community that will optimize our busy lives, but I did not expect to be so elated to meet Carleen Primus of BTrue Organics!  This woman is a walking billboard for taking care of the self in a healthy way, and spending just a mere five minutes talking to her will surely convince you that she knows what she is talking about.


Friendly staff and my host Aileen and I

Friendly staff and my host Aileen and I

I was invited to an event at B-True in the Market on University plaza (1131 S University Dr. Plantation, Florida 33324) by a fellow blogger friend of mine.  I was very excited about it because, as you know, I am all about doing things that contribute to us working on our self-care.  Once through the door, I was warmly welcomed.  Although there were several guests at the event, Carleen and her staff took the time to speak to each person and they made us feel very comfortable.  This was very important to me because I place a lot of weight on customer service as it sets the whole experience for me.  At B-True Organics, they passed that first test with flying colors!  The place is inviting, not overcrowded, and the products are easy to find.  The whole atmosphere was just right, music and all.  A little more, and I would have to camp somewhere in a corner with a margarita or something next to the raw salt positive energy emitting lights!




Carleen answered our questions and provided details to back up her answers.  We had a quick facial consultation and would you believe that within less than a minute of examining me she was able to tell that this girl here likes to take hot showers…  We talked about what I could do to remedy to the larger pores and inflamed capillaries and she sent me off with a sample of their B-True rosehip face lotion.

If we had the time, we two island girls, Carleen and I, would have a grand ole’ afternoon talking!  The guests to the event got to sample the eye liners, some of us tried the facial powders, and others had the lemongrass hand scrub.  Divine!  Before we left, we were each provided a gift bag with unbelievable lip balm (they call it “Lip Calm”), the face lotion, sunscreen SPF 30, a nail polish, and some information about B-True Organics.  Of course, you know I did not miss out on an opportunity to book a facial and I can’t wait to get it done!  It’s all about healthy self-care and I love it!

You see, at BTrue Organics you do not just get to choose from various top notch products, you also walk away more knowledgeable about your skin/body and how to care for it.  They are very meticulous in selecting the products they represent: all are non-toxic and natural organic.

This place is turning into my little secret resource to healthier skin and I am soooo looking forward to it all!  You could join me in my experience if you go to the Market on University when they have their grand opening on Thursday 6-12-14 to see what I am talking about and meet Carleen.  If you cannot make it, go online to order what you want.

Take a little time to care for your body (men, women, and children).  Remember that you are a gift and that you house an unbelievably wonderful spirit.  For that, would it not only make sense to care for the very vessel that carries that awesome spirit? 

So guess what?!?!  You can enter to win a gift certificate for $25!!! Leave me a comment to tell me about your experience at B-True Organics, I REALLY want to know how it goes for you!!!

Always in Faith,


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