Have you pampered yourself EWC style yet?

My Waxing Specialist, Laura, always welcomes me with a smile!

My Waxing Specialist, Laura, always welcomes me with a smile!

Women’s month and Mother’s Day are both over, but as we enter Summer in full swing, we still have to tend to our bodies and treat them right whether men or women, right?  If you are in South Florida, the temperatures are already reaching the 90’s and you know what that means….  Yes!  It’s time to pamper again and get those bodies ready for the sun!

Whether in the community or in the store, the staff is warm and inviting!

Whether in the community or in the store, the staff is warm and inviting!

After years of shaving and having serious skin issues (rashes and terrible irritations), I resolved myself to just shaving seldom and wear pants and leggings to hide my bad skin and cave-woman-like hairy legs.  Not very attractive, if I may say so myself.

That is until a year and a half ago when I had to go on a cruise and decided to give the European Wax Center a try.  You see, right on the counter where I was about to pay for a sandwich for lunch at a shop, the promotion cards caught my attention.  There, in bold letters, they were offering discounts and even my first service for free.  I though “That’s confidence!” from a business.  So I checked it out online, and wouldn’t you know, all types of information was right there and easy to navigate.  I even booked my appointment right there!  No joke, I even had the option to choose my waxer!

EWC 6I am happy to report that my first experience is the reason why a year and change later, I am a loyal customer.  No more shaving for me!  My waxer was Laura, and she and I clicked right away (we both speak French so that made it even better!) She explained the whole process to me and checked often for my understanding of what she was explaining.  This is a well thought out process!





The pre-wax cleanser removes makeup, oil or lotion from the skin.


They then apply pre-wax oil to ensure the wax adheres to the hairs and NOT your skin.


They use their specialized Comfort Wax™ to gently remove the hair.


And finally, they apply either our Ingrown Hair Serum (for body) or Calming Cream (for face).

Skin pampering to the MAX if you ask me!

EWC 1You might have heard about the horrible experiences waxing comes with.  Believe me, I have lived enough of them to write a book as I searched for something like the European Wax Center.  If you are wondering why I gave them a chance, then the answer is a resounding: “They are different!”  They use a top quality polymers and 100% Beeswax product made exclusively for this company and it is used without using the strips.  This Comfort Wax™ does not stay stuck on your skin, is alcohol free, and is flexible enough to be removed smoothly as it takes off the pesky resistant hairs too.  There is a bit of discomfort at the beginning, but the process is effective quickly done.  It surely helps that the waxers are absolutely delightful and make the experience enjoyable.

EWC 9The Slow It body wash, Ingrown Hair Serum, and Slow It lotion are three product I use and they help to slow down the growth of the hair and prevent ingrown hair.  That helps to save money since you gradually have less hair regrowth.  Laura made sure she explained each product and their advantages and the wonderful ladies at the front explained about the different packages they offer to also save money.

I would love for you to visit my European Wax Center.  If you need more information about the different services they offer, their prices, other locations, and products, you can visit them here.  They know pampering over there!

The PRIZE!!!  You get a free brow consultation, a free brow wax, and a brow product!

The PRIZE!!! You get a free brow consultation, a free brow wax, and a brow product!

After being in existence for a decade, this group stands behind their product and to help us enjoy it more, they are offering the amazing  Flawless Brows Package: a FREE consultation, a FREE brow wax, and a FREE brow product when you enter the raffle above.  Go in to book your FREE first-visit waxing at 1000 N. Congress Ave in Boynton Beach, FL 33426 (just north of Target) and their phone number is 561-734-4200 .  Or you can book online at waxcenter.com, search Boynton Beach.   If you don’t live in this area, you can search by zip code – 33426.  Those friendly ladies are eager to meet and pamper you, and I am POSITIVE you will be hooked on them like I have been for the past year and a half!

Good luck and happy waxing!


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45 Responses to “Have you pampered yourself EWC style yet?”

  1. Really cool! Sounds like an awesome product girls like me would love. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Reply May 27, 2015 at 6:22 am

    That is a great contest. I think we all wax something 😉

  3. I live in NY so can’t use that particular salon but it is that time of year to get my legs waxed!! Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the info! In Florida you definitely have to get to the salon – you have too much sun to wear pants every day!

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to get a treatment. I do my brows once a month.

  6. I’m an esthetician so I am very curious about this! Looks fantastic!

  7. This sounds AMAZING!! I have to find one here in the PacNW. My skin can’t stand shaving either.

  8. I am like the last person to adopt all of this waxing. It sure sounds good!

    • It is never too late Harriet! Waxing has helped me so much with some of my skin issues, I have become a true fanatic 🙂 I hope you will be able to try it and that you enjoy the benefits of it at the European Waxing Center.

  9. Would love to be in warm Florida for some spa time!

  10. I haven’t been brave enough to try waxing yet. It would make life easier for a bit especially since I struggle with shaving. Getting in the bathtub is hard for me.

    • I hope you can give this product a try then, Christy! They take care of it all and there is very little for you to do but to just enjoy the next few weeks being shave-free!

  11. I have never waxed myself….I’m too much of a chicken. Luckily I have very light hair growth, so I don’t need to do much to maintain it. Still spa time seems very nice.

  12. I have never tried to wax myself. But the spa experience looks like it was a relaxing time.

  13. I love spa days!! This looks like a great place to getI love spa days!! This looks like a great place to get waxed at and pamper myself. waxed at.

  14. Fi Ní Neachtáin Reply May 28, 2015 at 4:55 am

    I’ve only ever had my eyebrows waxed and I need them done again! What a great giveaway, one all us girls would love for sure 🙂

  15. Sounds like my kind of place! I desperately need to relax and re energize, but can barely find the time to get through the day!

    • Then this is the place for you Joanne! You do invest a little time at first, but it saves so much on the back end. I am never there for more than an hour!

  16. I never tried shaving or waxing. Sounds like great products. I will check these products.

  17. I fpm’t shave or wax so I don’t go to this kind o=f place. Glad you had a great time.

  18. I so could use a wax! I need a place to unwind and destress. Definitely time for mama to have a break!

  19. Wohoa those products are amazing. I so need some waxing products before summer

    • Well, my dear, this is the place for you! For someone who grows hair at the naked eye, I can tell you that using those products have slowed the growth TREMENDOUSLY!

  20. I only wax my eyebrows twice but dang it! hurts so bad. I want to try wax down there too. I heard it is painful but worth it.

    • Well, Jessica, I can tell you that eventually, you do not have the same pain as when you first start. As of “down there”, I know many women who have dove into that practice and swear by it: I am not that brave just yet…

  21. Everything looks so sophisticated. I have been lucky enough to not need hair taming services, and have only gotten my eyebrows done once. How cool that your waxer spoke French!

  22. Loving that they let you choose your own waxer how cool is that. I have never done waxing professionally before always too scared and mostly can not justify the expense. But now I am all about treating myself once in a while

    • I hope you give it a try Miranda! It is SO worth it! I have also looked at the expense as a barrier in the past, but when I weigh against the pros (saving time and serious skin aggravation), it quickly becomes a no-brainer. On another note, it is always a good thing to treat oneself! 🙂

  23. I need more pampering for sure. I love a good fresh wax but my skin doesn’t love it. If I can bridge the gap I totally would.

    • Hmmm.. Michellette, I had some issues with waxing too; however with this particular waxing system things have been so smooth (no pun intended, lol!) that I simply adopted it. This wax is like no other I have experienced so far, and that is saying a lot coming from Big Foot’s “sister” (LOTS if hair)! LOL!

  24. Comfort Wax sounds like something I need! I am not gonna lie I got my first and last wax in 2011 but I wanna get a wax soon before I go to Cancun in 2weeks!

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