Do you know Perfect?

Do you know Perfect? 6-28-16Oh, yeah…  I know that one, I know Perfect.  You mean the one who thinks all things are to be done faultlessly all the time?  You mean the one who thinks that order must be attained and kept at all costs?  Yes, I know Perfect.  Do you?

That’s the nagging voice in the back of your head telling you how “not good enough” you are because you have left a mess somewhere.

It’s the thing that holds your stomach hostage when you have not completed something on time or that you are late to an appointment… Again…

Perfect is the element that sucks the confidence out of you because you were not able to say the right words yet another time or not handled a situation correctly.  It’s the one that holds you hostage in your fear because you might, you just might, mess up again.Perfect 1 6-28-16

It paralyzes your thoughts and fills you with nothing but hesitation because you have to do “it” just right.  It does not give you a second chance.  

I believe it plays an important role in what what Valorie Burton identifies as the “Imposter Syndrome” because you could not be good enough, perfect enough to be the “REAL THING”.  No!  Not at all.  You are not “Perfect” enough to be worthy of being the real McCoy, so you must be an imposter.

Perfect is the thing that causes pain in your gut when you realize that you could have done better, or should have done better.  You go over it all in your mind several times to see if you could find a shred of a reason why you did not deliver, and so Perfect comes in and whispers to you again how you were NOT perfect and reminds you of the cost.

Oh, how I despised the nudge I feel when my made bed still shows wrinkles on the cover, when I do not have the “right” answer, when I am not able to deliver the best parenting performance, or when I pour too much water in my cup…   You know Perfect, right?


Things have changed.  I have discovered that Perfect is an illusion.  Perfect is a big lie.  Perfect is some type of distortion of the mind where we hold certain standards so high they are unreachable or invisible.  How can you reach for something you cannot see or visualize?Perfect 3 6-28-16

There is a new day, a better day ahead.  A day where we can learn to accept our Imperfections.  Where Imperfection is normal (if normal exists).  Where Imperfection is part of the regular human experience.  

Imperfection causes us to think, grow, learn, understand, change, love, hurt, feel, do, accept, and so much more…

If your find yourself being deceived by Perfect, WAKE UP!  It’s a nightmare – not real.  When you open your eyes, you will see.  You are OK.  It’s a matter of fact, the truth is that you ARE perfect just the way you are made.  You can always improve yourself and that itself is proof of your awesomeness: your ability to expand and be resilient.

Perfect 2 6-28-16

“if you are going to be flawed and chipped, you might as well be a chocolate chip cookie or a mosaic!”

Nobody has your talents, your thoughts, your way of doing life, your specific combination of gifts to share with the world.  Note how it makes you unique: if you are going to be flawed and chipped, you might as well be a chocolate chip cookie or a mosaic!  We are indeed a blessing to the world with all our imperfections!

Talking about “real”, you have to know that it takes some work to learn this and incorporate self-love and acceptance into your life, so get to it.  Be patient and diligent in developing your sense of self.  I guarantee that once you are on that journey towards personal improvement and self-love, you will bring Joy, Peace, and Wholeheartedness in your life.

Keep the Faith, it does get easier along the way 🙂


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