The Power of Positivity

Ok, so as we take a bigger bite into 2015, let’s agree to make one commitment that can change the whole year altogether: positive thinking! Yes, my friends, the Power of Positivity is infinite and has even been of high interest to the scientific community. The way you manage your thinking is a tremendous part of how you eventually act. Oh, I am sure you have heard about it before, and Joyce Meyer says it often: “Think about what you are thinking about.”

Taking the first step:sunbeams 1-12-15 post

Nothing makes one go astray like the mismanagement of one’s thoughts – or worry. Having uncontrollable thoughts can have devastating effects: we have to take control of our thoughts and find ways to make them work for us. What I mean is that to start, you have to understand and believe that you have the power to control your thinking. Knowing that made a HUGE difference in my life, and although it takes some training, I am here to tell you that this is one sure way to start making changes: Know that you have the power to harness your thoughts and manipulate them.

A bit more involvement:

Now we move to identifying the negative thoughts. Once those pesky thoughts come in, they bring with them their whole family! When you see them coming to knock at your door, you can decide to not open – so to speak. Often, thoughts are racing. We don’t know where they come from and we quickly escalate from a bothersome thought to this crazy spiral that brings you right to depression! So, as agreed: Identify the negative thoughts at the door.

Moving along:

Now that you see them at the door, you can choose to transform or to smash them. What do I mean? Well, it is easier said than done; but as you keep practicing, you will surely get a handle of it. Check out some tools I have learned to use when worry strikes:

  • I tell myself to STOP! Pray on it, then I pick it apart for a bit: are those thoughts stemming from reality or speculation? Is it based on facts or am I just rambling mentally forming “what ifs”. People, worry is never real, it’s a series of scenarios that are developed in our minds…
  • Once it is clear that the worry is not real, I start thinking of things that make me happy. You know how those nasty thoughts start and soon you find yourself ensnared? Well the same is true with the opposite! Have you ever thought about what you could do if you won the lottery? Yeah! Now you get what I am saying… You are about to do all kinds of wonderful stuff, right? So think of something wonderful in your life, make plans for something fun you can do with your friends/hubby/kids/wife. You will get lost in that and the cloud of worry and negativity will soon dissipate.
  • From those thoughts, take action! Taking an action after the positive thoughts always seals the deal. You then are moving to the next level and it helps you sustain the positivity.


Here is the disclaimer: negative thoughts will come. This is inevitable. What you do with them will shape the rest of the story. As I mentioned before, it does take some training to achieve some results. I will not state that I am a master at this practice, but since I have started I have come a very long way and am nowhere near where I used to be. I am convinced that if you are struggling with negative thoughts and practice the tips above, you will gradually have, well, positive results!

Drop me a line to tell me what you do for combating negativity. I would be very interested in knowing about different practices and would like it even better if this conversation could help other readers.

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5 Responses to “The Power of Positivity”

  1. This was exactly what I needed to read!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thoughts. My mantra is always fake it till you make it. Even you are down, thinking positive will help pull you out of it. You just have to find the sunny side of life.

  3. I love to be positive and I am much more productive and successful because of it. I am so happy my son is going to grow up in a house full of positivity and encouragement because I did not and it is difficult to overcome. We’ll see where it takes him!

  4. Martine, prayer works best for me…starting my day off with a quick workout sets my day off positively, less stress, but missing that important element leaves me overwhelmed…thanks for sharing and linking to #workingmomwednesdays, pinned and tweeted

    • Nancy, prayer is #1 for me too. I wish I could get myself to go workout early in the morning too… I am getting there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and my work with others!!! I am grateful for you having me on #workingmomwednesdays 🙂

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