The Power Trip

The power trip 9-29-14Well, people, it is a late entry but one none-the-less, right?  We have spent some time in September talking about self-esteem to create momentum for what follows: Empowerment.  I strongly believe that for one, the disease of domestic violence and many other analogous issues cannot proliferate on a soil rich in self-esteem.

Often, we believe lies from the dark places and forget we are Children of Light.  We forget we have been given the power to rebuke the shadows and transcend them.  In fact, we are protected, loved, and favored.  This is cause for celebration each day.

The thing is, we do not always feel like celebrating our lives and truthfully, we become quite depressed about certain situations we face.  Some of us have to fight to keep our peace, work hard at relaxing, and hold on tight to the concept of letting go…  Hmmmmm – sigh.

Self-esteem warrants a lot of work.  Being empowered takes practice and belief in one-self.   I am sure you know that in this here “gym”, you can work out those two muscles and keep them in shape!

Let’s dive into this month with the intention to find our Power and use it appropriately to keep our balance.  For those of us who have found their Power, please share your experience with others around you for them to emulate and discover theirs.

Remember, it’s all about being helpful to one another.  We can reach great heights if we band together.

Who’s with me on this “Power Trip?”  (Hah!  That sounded good! LOL!)

Like, share, and comment as you please, but most importantly: Keep your Faith alive!

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2 Responses to “The Power Trip”

  1. Empower is one of my favorate words! We as women have the power to empower others. The gift of empowering others brings power to us. Go empower someone else, encourage them, compliment them, and pray for them and see the power grow in you. Being strong for someone else builds up strength. We got the power!!!

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