The Big News: I am Presenting at #NicheParent14 Conference!

Niche Parent 14 PresentingI have a little something to share with you all. I am so proud of this step in the right direction, that I can hardly contain myself. I was really hoping to show you a shot of it, but right now, it is not up yet. Ok, Ok, here it is the news…

You want to know, right? Do you remember that at the very beginning of the summer I had talked to you about this conference I went to that kick-started MeUnfinished? Yeah, it was the Niche Parent Conference 2013. That is where I made some contacts, I received some good tools, and a year later: TADA! MeUnfinished is already 7 months old, we have a tribe, a Facebook page and followers, aaaannnnddd…. I have been invited to be a Mastermind Think Tank Presenter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you saw it right! Pre-sen-ter at the Niche Parent Conference 2014! All your support has paid off big time! And it is all thanks to your feedback, your words of encouragement, your commitment, your sharing and heralding about our site to others! I will be entertaining questions about starting up with blogging. Since I have received LOTS of help, I will be passing along the wealth. There is enough for everyone!

This girl right here is beyond HAPPY! (I am doing the happy dance every time I think about it since the day I was asked J)

This is another step in the right direction. It did come a bit later than I had wanted, but it came with a bang! So the lesson to share with you today is this:

Keep going! Stay focused on your goals and be grateful for each step you take in the right direction. When we make a wrong turn, we can “reroute”. Let’s forgive our mistakes and stay focused on what is important, and most of all, keep our Faith. Things do get better, sweeter, more palatable no matter how small or big the events on our paths.

So, without further ado, I am on my way to working harder on MeUnfinished.

Again, thank you and please keep on passing the word about MeUnfinished: tweet, pin, share, google+, and all!

…And keep that Faith red hot!

Ps: This is my headshot. I had promised to share it with you, so here it is. What do you think?  DSC_0103

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4 Responses to “The Big News: I am Presenting at #NicheParent14 Conference!”

  1. Congrats Tine…so proud of you and praying for you!!!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy the journey! Excellent news!

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