Quick! Last minute Father’s Day 3’s

“Oh!  My goodness!  I forgot Father’s Day is this weekend!!!”  Words that came from one of my friend just yesterday as panic had set in…  Life gets so busy that often important dates and happenings seem to just magically appear in front of us at the very last minute, like Father’s Day!  Well, luckily we live in an age where there are solutions to those types of issues, so here are three almost-instant but nonetheless valuable solutions that will make your Daddy feel cherished and loved.

1)    Buy Daddy a massage!men massage 6-14-14

You might not know that, but men like massages too.  Have you ever massaged your hubby because after a long week, there was this tight spot “right there” that was bothering him?  Well, having it done professionally is something I find more and more men are subscribing to.  This is a great and easy option: massage parlors offer different types of massages and various periods of time for sessions to choose from.  I recommend at least an hour because it provides enough time to work out some kinks in your Daddy’s body.  Also, it does not matter how old or young the Daddy in your life is, they all need a little body care J

2)  Father's Day 6-14-14Give him time:

I am sure you have an idea of what it means these days to give time to someone.  When was the last time you were able to spend some quality time with your Dada?  Life can get so crazy that you can call a few times a week to check in, but that is the extent of your interaction with ANYBODY!!!  These days, if you want to enjoy spending time doing anything, something else has to suffer (like the laundry has to wait until 11pm Tuesday night since you went to the beach on Saturday…)  Your precious father is no different.  Whether Dad is young or older, providing time with the “chidlins’” will be precious.  For example, a young mom can arrange an outing with the little ones, a picnic in the back yard all set up, a mini soccer game where Dad gets to wear a made-up badge saying #1 Dad, cook his favorite food and play games in the living room, make cards with the kiddos and have them pour out their creativity.  Spend time just being together and let him know that he deserves it: it’s all about HIM.  An older Dad could enjoy an outing to ice cream!  Or take him to the Sports bar just you and him.  You can surely remember where he likes to go or be: maybe a special fishing trip with your favorite sandwich and snacks, kayaking, a walk, basically anything that shows him that you are giving him your TOTAL ATTENTION.

3) ECards and EGifts – who knew!?!?

So you are far away…  This is an option you cannot go wrong with.  Send your Big Guy an ECard.  There are countless sites that offer free ones and you can pick the one that works for you.  Also, so many places offer electronic gift cards nowadays!  If your Dad is not very computer savvy, you can ask someone close to him to print it for you.  Some even look like a card where you are provided a place to sign your name and everything!  Genious!gift-cards 6-14-14

Great options, huh!?  I am sure you now want to hurry and try one of those on the special occasion of Father’s Day.  I can’t wait to hear about which worked for you or someone you know tried them!

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