Go on and Shine!

FullSizeRender 2What a lesson this was for me!  I cannot believe how this “Shine” post on Instagram totally blew up!  

As I mentioned the last time we were here, I was struggling with self-confidence and it was really chipping away at me.  So naturally, I gravitated toward quotes and posts that would help me pull myself out of that funk and use tools that keep building me up.  You can find those nuggets here in case you missed the last post.

So here’s the thing.  A little while ago, I had posted about “keeping your eyes on the road”.  I found myself revisiting the truths I had found as I researched ways to stay on my own path and work on my own bright light, encourage others to keep their eyes on the prize, and stay encouraged.  As I cycle through again, I find that many of us have been working relentlessly on their “shine” and are quite unaware of how bright they actually are shining.

When I came upon that quote, I thought it was the perfect representation of what I wanted to share: You do not have to look at others’ lives and how they are supposedly so much better than yours…  You have your OWN shine and it is enough!  It is bright and beautiful!

Look, the way I see it, you are not in a race with others.  Life seems to be a race against your own self to see how well you can outdo, well, your own self.  

See, you have a set of skills and gifts that are unique to you and you will hear the regular cliches saying how You are You and that there is nobody else like you.  Those same cliches say that you have a purpose and that you have to fulfill it and that there is NOBODY else in the world who can do anything like you.  

THE DARN CLICHES ARE RIGHT! Listen, is there anybody on this earth like you?  I mean, ANYBODY???? NO!  This is so powerful, I feel like I should be shouting throughout the whole post.  There is absolutely nobody like you.  So how do you expect to be in competition with anybody else???

eyes on the road 3You were put on this earth with a unique set of DNA.  Do you know that it goes for your whole life?  Yes indeed, whatever you are good at, you are the only person good at it like you.  Yes, I know there are 50k plumbers in your neighborhood, but I can guarantee you that none of them does the work exactly like you do.  You might have a nicer personality, you might bring your prospective clients a little booklet with some DIY “keep your toilet running well” type of tools, you might give a 3-day-after call to find out if everything works well…  Whatever you do, YOU cannot be replicated. Period.  

Do you know what that means?  It means that there is an illusion of competition.  If you get stuck in that, you will only shoot for outdoing your competitor (finite success) instead of shooting for your personal best.  Hint: the latter is limitless!

Soooooo, with that said.  I would like for you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are some things you like to do that you think you are pretty good at?
  2. Do people tend to ask you to “do” those things you are good at?  That can be an indication that affirms that you are indeed good at those things (jus’ sayin’)
  3. People can get whatever service/goods/stuff from other people any day; but what will they get when they choose YOU?  What can you bring to the table?

So can you feel the shine coming on?  I don’t care if you are a nurse, a mom at home, a teacher, a doctor, lawyer, a gardener, or whatever.  Write down all the things you know you do well.  If you need some help, ask around.  You could ask your friends, family, coworkers, etc.  I know some people will say they have no one… But I am positive that if you ask people you see on a regular basis, they will be able to tell you SOMETHING.  Go from there 🙂  Good?  

So here we just made you shine and boosted your confidence at the same time (Nice!).  FullSizeRender 2I want to hear about how you are taking action and identifying the things that make you unique.  Please share with others too: Love and caring are FREE!

Go on and SHINE!


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