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If you are looking to share the journey of a Life Lover and Learner, you are home.   Welcome!  I am Martine, and am simply thrilled to be able to translate my passion for issues of life and growth through this blog.  “Me, Unfinished” was born from deep appreciation for people’s differences and uniqueness and the celebration of their never-ending experiences.

The way I see it, each person is made special with gifts and talents, obstacles and difficulties, very much like each piece of gravel that makes the shore of a beautiful natural beach.  It’s about sharing resources, providing encouragement, generating ideas, finding balance to promote growth and betterment where as individuals we can contribute positively to our environment.  Each piece of gravel, you, or better yet the “Me” in “Me, Unfinished”, has its own shine and purpose and without it the shore of life cannot be complete.

My hope is that through this site, you will find tools to bring out that shine in you no matter who you are and where you come from.

So join me for a special ride !!!


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