Special occasion

Hello all!

Today is special to me: it is my boy’s birthday.  I had planned on having an elaborate post for you but thought it be best to motivate you on a different angle today: I would like to encourage you to spend more time investing in the people you love.

Indeed, on this special occasion, I have decided that it would be like leading by example by sharing with you that I will be spending the week being more involved with my family.  This season promises to be a good one and I pray each of us kick-starts it well.

That said, I DO LOVE and CHERISH you lots!  You are the reason why I do it all, you are my support and my cheerleaders.  I enjoy sharing with you each week and think of you always.  This is not a diss!  LOL!  C’mon, let’s focus here, people!  Hear my heart on this one:

On my end it is my son’s birthday; but for you what will it be?  Who will you be spending time with?  What will you be doing this week to tend to the important people in your life?  Who will you send a special card to?

Let’s take the time to reach out to people whether by caring for the ones you already know, or going the extra mile to reach people who might be in need of your love whom you do not necessarily know.  How’s that for a special occasion?!?!

Hmmm…. The next post will be packed with this sort of material, so please watch for it and I am looking forward to your input/comments!

In the mean time, do that thing this week that will get you closer to the people you love.  And do not forget that YOU are also a person YOU have to love on as well.  Yes, there are plenty of special occasions around us this season…

Always in Faith!


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