Summer is here! How are you celebrating it?

OM Yoga!

OM Yoga!

Ahhh!  June.  That word comes with so many thoughts in my head like: Summer, Father’s Day, Vacations, Fun Community Activities, The Beach, Family Times, and the list goes on…  It is all positive and refreshing!  What does Summer mean to you, I wonder?

6-8-15 post 9

Original pieces from Jelubella Creations

I wanted to share my first Summer Weekend activity with you in the hopes that you would get out there and get active about so many things we talk about in our MeUnfinished community… You know: Our quest for positive and enriching experiences!

6-8-15 post 12So it started with my buddy Lourdes’ OM Yoga Grand Opening Expo at a local park.  I had hesitated going because there was “so much to do at home” that I could not see this fitting in my day.  Just like so many of us out there, time is very limited.  But as my brother often says: “Everybody has the same amount of time in a day.  What you choose to give priority to is what you have time for.”  Although younger than I, this boy has some serious wisdom sometimes…

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Fair Trade goodies from Haiti with JJ from Trades of Hope

You guessed it, I went anyway: I gave priority to spending time with my son as I enjoyed a wonderful expo and met amazing people doing amazing things.

My boy went right for the station where he could draw something (my little artist!).  The folks at Music Speaks Performing Arts entertained him with a big smile!

Hula dancing classes with Leilani

Hula dancing classes with Leilani

There were many different businesses represented,  and all had to do with relaxation, art, earth loving, self-care, and sharing with others; and let’s not forget the swimming safety classes with Salina Swim andFitness Inc.  There were even a few yoga classes, right there in the middle of the park!  What a treat!  From the pics here, you can see the great atmosphere in this hot and sunny June morning: serene and enjoyable.

Amazing stuff from

Amazing stuff from Sandbox! (Find them on IG sandbox_shoppe or FB Sand Box)

You know that I could not pass on buying some goodies for myself, mom, and the kids!  Hubby got a little jealous that I did not bring him a little something too…

My little Warrior

My little Warrior

What I loved the most, is that Lourdes conducted a yoga session with the little people too.  My boy worked the class like a pro!

Essential oils with DoTerra

Essential oils with DoTerra

People, what if I told you that I was able to get home in time to do some 4 loads of laundry and get them folded too!  Little Man was so tired from his morning adventure that he was calm enough to hang with dad and get some rest.  Big Man and I even had some time to talk and relax together too.  A little planning and organization made a big difference in my world.  Something we will be talking about on this blog soon.

So, you are wondering about what I did that evening, right?  Hah!  You will have to wait for the next post to find out.  It is a TREAT!  Ok, ok, let me tease you just a bit: it’s about Women and Moms empowering each other, and the resources on this one will be available to ALL (online resources anybody, from anywhere can access).  You can’t miss it!

ps: remember to get your beach/pool-ready body with my giveaway too!

See you soon!

Always in Faith,


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25 Responses to “Summer is here! How are you celebrating it?”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Reply June 8, 2015 at 7:49 am

    We will be at the beach all summer. That is what we do every summer – spend as much time as possible there.

  2. Looks like such a nice event. I’m so glad you guys got to go! Thanks for sharing! I hope I can make the next one!

  3. Thank you for coming Martine, and for sharing with your audience. We Rock the park every Saturday morning 8:30am, see you next week!!!!

  4. I am in a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the weather and the activities available to do. However, I could do without all of the pesky bugs and insects that come out of hiding.

  5. Sounds like a really fun expo. I like going to expos and fairs during the summer. We also love going to the beach and staying there for a few days. Picnics, barbecues and DVD marathons also make up or summer.

  6. I use to be really into yoga right out of highschool but stopped when I moved to Hawaii in 2008. I decided to start again last summer when I was pregnant with my second son though and have really gained a love for it again!

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Isn’t so nice to be outside doin’ stuff, a great feeling!

  8. We have a few trips planned and of course the beach!

  9. Wow, this looks like such a fun thing–similar to our local farmer’s market. We spend as much time as possible outside, alternating between parks and pools. It is so great to have a shaded yard so we don’t get too hot!

  10. We will be making lots of trips to the zoo and having lots of BBQs! We love summer!

  11. I’d be loving all of those jewelry options. What a great place to do a little shopping. I’ll be doing lots of traveling this summer.

  12. This looks like a great event! I love this time of year for all the great outdoor things going on, so many of them can’t make it to them all!

  13. I like the set up of the stores the items seems luxuries. That is nice to know that you seem to have so much fun! I hope to read more of your blogs they are really refreshing.

  14. I love the beach! I wish I lived near a cleaner one. But *fingers crossed* That we’ll be traveling to South Beach for a few days before the kids start school.

  15. This looks like an amazing expo to attend. I love visiting my local farmers markets for vendors like this and seeing all the homemade goods. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend at the expo.

  16. I am so glad that summer is here and that the weather is finally getting better because May was such a wash out! I love fairs like this, there’s always so much to see and buy too. Love the look of the products on offer, I couldn’t resit a purchase if I was attending 🙂

  17. Sounds like an amazing expo. Beach, picnics and barbecue usually makes up our summer.

  18. How fun is that! We love to go swimming, hiking and going on road trips during the summer.

  19. Looks like you definitely made the right choice! This looks like so much fun! The jewelry is gorgeous! I would have shopped and shopped!

  20. Sounds like a great event for summer. I really like to go to any beach on summer evenings. Your Sandbox collections and Jelubella Creations’ collections are just awesome. Great to hear that they are conducting yoga classes as well.

  21. I like to do anything outside during the summer. My kids prefer to go the park almost every day, but I like to mix it up a bit. I am hoping to take them to the Zoo soon.

  22. That event totally looks like the ones we have in my hometown! It’s a very art-centric place, and they have festivals at least once or twice a month, which a so much fun to attend! There’s something for everyone, and it looks like you found that at your, as well. I’m impressed that you had enough time to do so much afterwards – I’m dreading the two loads of laundry I have to do today, and I don’t even have anything planned! What a great weekend for you – here’s to a summer of many more!

  23. oh, how fun! That’s one thing I love about summer…being outdoor is always a treat!

  24. Great jewelry pieces! I love all of the festivals that emerge during the summertime. I prefer to visit the ones centered around food and culture, like our ‘Taste,’ the Greek Festival, and the Apple Festival that we have around here.

  25. I am so glad that Summer break is finally here! Festivals are some of are favorite things to go to during this season!

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