The Sunrise

Morning4 4-19-14   Ahhh!  It is early morning and nobody is up yet.  I am on my back porch welcoming the new day and it is such a relaxing feeling to see the sun rise!  The birds are chirping and the breeze is just enough to caress my cheeks, and I can feel the moisture of the dew lifting off gradually as the light of the sun brightens.  Can you smell this?  It is none other than my “life juice” itself: coffee.  OOOHHH!  I am in Heaven!  There is nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee to warm up the insides and get the old body machine started.  This thing is like gas for a car, like water in the shower, fire for cooking…  I need my coffee!

Well, fortunately enough, I am enjoying my cup this morning with all my heart.  I wish I could get my lazy self up early every morning to enjoy this gift from God: sunrise.  It is like watching an intense movie.  Almost like something is kidnapping your attention and does not let go no matter the ransom.

The colors creep through, they are vibrant, radiant. The reds and orange pierce through the light gray and “kinda-blue” sky like swords of light


The colors creep through, they are vibrant, radiant.  The reds and orange pierce through the light gray and “kinda-blue” sky like swords of light or better yet, like light sabers (where are all my Star Wars fans?!?!?!)  The transformation occurs right before your eyes and there is no way to depict each instant of the transition, but from one moment to the next there is more light and the sky gets closer to a pale blue color and the sun shines brighter.

My coffee, complete with the best creamer in the whole world, make the experience that much more enjoyable.  You see, I have those granulated brown jewels shipped to me directly from Haiti, my home.  There is nothing like it!  For the past five years, I have been savoring exclusively those brands and I have my favorite one too.  The creamer has to be hazelnut or else….

Morning 4-19-14The sun has made its grand entrance and after thanking God for this incredible experience (it never gets old for me…), I go back in the house to get ready for the day.  At work, I have allies who believe in a nice cup of coffee and the power it has to transform our days and make them a lot easier to navigate.

I might be called an addict with my one cup a day – and once in a while a second one later – but I am one who will refuse to the end to participate in any coffee recovery efforts.  I am in for the long haul!  My disclaimer is that not all of us like coffee as much as I enjoy my cup, but there sure is something to be said about this sunrise situation…

Enjoy it one of these mornings.  It will make a difference in your day if you can fit it in.

In the meantime, it helps me keep the Faith.

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  1. I absolutely love this, Martine! I am deeply encouraged to get up early one of these fine mornings and enjoy the sunrise along with my cup…

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