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Can’t tear me down, haters!

So this issue is tugging at my heart once more and I cannot help but to share it with you.  It’s one that can seriously stir up your insides… (more…)

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I asked sometime this week in my FB, IG, and Twitter if you were talking smack about yourself and the amount of activity around this question astounded me.  The suggestion to deal with “self-smack-talk” was to simply: STOP IT!!! However….. (more…)

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An example of Faith, Courage, and Perseverance

Hello!  What a glorious February morning this is in the city of Miami!  By the time you read this, this event will have passed, but I am so touched about this that I had to share with you.  My best friend/sister is running a half marathon today.  I came to support her and stayed with […]

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