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Love’s Potion: #3

So a little while ago, my husband and I discovered Love’s Potion.  I bet you’re wondering what it is!  I have it right here for you (I feel like I’m selling you something in a dark corner down the street in the middle of the night…)  Wanna know what it is? (more…)

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To Love or to use: Are you emotionally needy?

This concept is a little controversial and it took the better part of my first 33 years of life to get on the “awakening continuum”.  Some people get it early, but others take, well, forever to grasp the idea. (more…)

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Are you keeping Sexy and Romance alive?

Yeah, I know, Valentine’s day is already over and almost forgotten. BUT, does that mean that all the sexiness or romance is gone?  Does that mean that the dates and the extra little somethings you do to make him/her feel special have passed too?  Is Romance seasonal or….? (more…)

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