Thankful! Grateful!

thankful-grateful-11-16This time of the year brings about a lot of thought.  From the little people learning and celebrating the Pilgrims and the Indians, to the adults planning a life makeover for the new year upcoming.  We look to turn to what we are thankful for.  We open our hearts to gratitude.

No surprises here, but through this particularly tough year, lots has been revealed to me…  

I am not sure how it all started, but there were a series of deaths and very unfortunate circumstances happening this year.  I mean, when you are in your early forties and your buds drop dead of heart attacks and cancer, there is something quite alarming about it, wouldn’t you say?  

All this lead me to start working harder on this blog – – and to focus my attention on important things I had placed on the back burner.  Things like my health, time spent with my family, letting things go, giving up “extreme multitasking”, or noticing the little pleasantries of life…  

Lots of refocusing and prioritizing happened as I journeyed through this year.

To me there are so many people leaving this earth senselessly, it almost feels like we are in one of those freak accident movies.  Anybody feeling like they are living a segment of the “Final Destination” movies sometimes?  

This is not a gloomy girl’s diary, people!  This is a shift towards seeking light and being grateful.  Have you ever thought about the fact that light shines the brightest in the darkest places?

Throughout this year, although there were some personal and business setbacks, there have been several treasures placed on my path that I am especially thankful for.thankful-grateful1-11-16

Gratitude has played a central part in recovering from any blows big or small. 

We are not talking about conjuring a hurried and superficial “find 3 things that make me happy” type of mindset.  People, pump the brakes of life, go below the surface, and find reasons why you are really thankful each day.  Whether it’s that you are grateful for just being able to have a cup of coffee early in the morning with no interruption or for having emerged from a very difficult situation at the end of your day, the thankfulness I am trying to communicate to you is the kind that REALLY impacts you.  

Several times, I have shared with you about Gratitude and how keeping a journal about it or acknowledging blessings can positively impact your days.  This year, I’ve had quite a few reasons to use this tool and it has helped me tremendously!

Several gurus (including God through the Bible) talk about it constantly whether using the mental or physical health platforms.  “Be Thankful” and “Be Grateful”, they prescribe.

I am here to tell you that I am living proof it works!  

So I leave you today with a few simple words to ponder as we celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. Changing your paradigm to always be thankful will positively impact your days
  2. As you have a positive and grateful outlook of life, it will reflect in your actions
  3. Your actions will in turn change your environment for the better

Can you imagine what impact you will have when people around you start referencing you as a catalyst for insight, wisdom, and positivity?  


Stay connected to MeUnfinished, folks!  Soon, I will make available my new ebook to all subscribers and in it I will share some of the tools I use to practice Gratitude!  I am Absolutely grateful for you and wish you abundant blessings!

Stay Thankful year round, my friends; but in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!


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